1. MysteryClearPuppy

    Winter Tings

    Enchanted Snowflake Pin 1* Ice Skating Magic Holly Jolly Flip ShellieMay Beanie Hanukkah Crop Top, Long Sleeve, & Skirt Holiday Elf Green Jacket Holiday Blinking Shoes Reindeer Pjs (Full Set) Snowman Pjs (Full Set) Penguin Hoodie Holiday Hat - Red Jingle Hat (Red, Pink, Green) Mickey Ears Beanie...
  2. Chidari3312


    LF (Pink) Belle Winter Dress (Bow/Top/Bottoms) Remember the scene where beast and beauty fought in the snow? That dress! I'm not sure of values, so if anybody is selling this dress let me know the price. Thank you!
  3. Purple_Royal

    Value Check Sully Winter Beanie

    PRICE CHECK! :wave:
  4. Cassandra

    Please close

    Pls message me or comment if you're selling the whole set or parts w your pricing! :) Thanks <3
  5. tide

    Trading Snowflake Winter Beanie

    LF 350k or Clothing that will reach the value of 350k <3
  6. tide

    Trading Snowflake Winter Beanie Blue

    Asking for minimum of 550k or if multiple people want the highest bid. PM or leave a message in this thread <3 Edit: Also will trade for Mickey Dream Ears & 200k Pumpkin Flip & 200k
  7. tide

    LF Festive Yeti

    Possibly more than one depending on the price of them! Please comment or PM me your offer <3
  8. whiskers

    Trading WDW Holiday Spirit Sweater

    From Gold Chest LF: Credits or Clothes (no magic or pins) auto: 325k
  9. MysteryClearPuppy

    Winter Dreams - Snowflake Ears 2017

    Winter Dreams ears from 2017 winter dreams events. lmk your offers ( pic attached )
  10. Fae

    Ideas for Next Month!

    Some friends and I were discussing things we wanted for next month/some things we thought would be cool. Feel free to comment below with any other creative ideas, or opinions. I stared the things I really want xD The Nutcracker and the Four Realms Inspo: Outfits: 0:09 Clara's First Dress...
  11. TheDirector

    (Closed) LF Elsa Winter Shoes

    Hello! :halcyon: I'm currently interested in these lovely shoes, and I don't mind over-paying for them. If you're looking for credits only I'm offering 75k for the shoes alone, but I’ll pay whatever you want so name your price~ (I'm willing to offer on the entire outfit if you would rather...
  12. Spider

    Please close

    Deal has been made, please close
  13. Danny_DeVito

    A Few Things.. Slippers, Belle, Tink

    Bunny Slippers Full Winter Belle (pink one, right?) Full Tink. Name your price, but I might not agree idk ha
  14. TaylorDarling

    Full Anna Winter Outfit

    Hiii, I have an extra so I am selling Anna Winter Dress + shoes and winter cap. Picture is below [emoji4] Looking for around 30k, make your bids below : )
  15. Danny_DeVito


    Red and Green Christmas Dream Shirt, Winter Dreams Event Prize. Starting Bid, 400k! 350k!! :Dance:
  16. Danny_DeVito

    Selling "Dreams T-Shirt Christmas"

    Selling Red and Green Winter Dreams Shirt, AKA, "Dreams T-shirt Christmas" Offer please? :santa::halcyon:
  17. Danny_DeVito

    winter dreams event room skipped

    So I think it is worth mentioning that I have been in "Fantasy land in the sky" for the ENTIRE duration of the winter dreams event(TONIGHT, Saturday, +6:00p.m.-7:30p.m+), along with WAY more that 5 people the entire time and we were not visited. The entire hour and a half PLUS (time before the...
  18. Marisa

    Selling Winter Crate Keys! 3k

    Selling winter crate keys, 3k each :)