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go to the character warehouses. there's one at the orlando vineland outlets and one at the orlando international.outlets. their stock is pretty much the same as what you'll find at cast connection though. as of 3 months ago when i went to cast connections they were open until 7pm.
If you get the chance to visit Cast Connections it's a decent experience. There's a mix of all kinds of outdated merch from parks that are pretty cheap, a little grocery store section and a few antique collectors items, but overall if you've ever been to a Goodwill it's kind of like that. There's a special section in the back for cast members only which usually has a bit nicer stuff.

Like brownie said they have a few character warehouses scattered around orlando, but I didn't see much of anything special while I was there, sometimes the occasional magic band turns up that's pretty cool.

Have a great time at the parks!
coucou mon chéri!:rose:

cast connections is pretty nice. it's a huge discounted authentic disney merch store - as long as you have your blue id/disney cast id. you can also bring in friends & family, they just can't go into mickey's treasures. mickey's treasures is straight ahead when you enter, keep walking and you'll see double doors. this is for CM's ONLY and it's basically current disney merch that's in the parks, but it's either a little bit scuffed or doesn't work or has a stain on it, etc. it's all 75% off original price - or sometimes they'll have the actual tag on it w the price (and if you cant find the price on shirts for example, they normally write on the inside of the shirt on the bottom in sharpie. for ex, the bottom left or right of your shirt, turn it inside out, and you'll normally find the price there.) i get a lot of oversized/XXL shirts and turn them into dresses or nightshirts to just lounge around in and they have WDW on it. i got this really cute XXL jumper with mickey on it and it says walt disney world (the classic one i'm sure you've seen everywhere) for $7 instead of $45.

i've also found ears in mickey's treasures for like $6, only thing wrong with them is the bottom of the headband is a little bit ripped but you can't even see it with my hair or when it's behind your ears. definitely worth giving it a shot just for mickey's treasures :D - but make sure you go early in the morning! they get their shipments then and all the good stuff normally comes. i recommend going a weekday (tuesdays and thursdays in my experience have always been the best) and i've found some really cool very cheap stuff. another example is i found a SPIRIT JERSEY! (yes, a spirit jersey) for $15 because it had the tiniest mark on the back of the collar (must've been foundation) and i fixed it with some laundry stuff. they also had a time where they got a huge shipment from shanghai disney so you could get all the keychains, all the pens/books/frames etc for like $2. i got some duffy hair scrunchies for 0.99 and they're so cute! they also sometimes have magic bands for like $10. not all the good stuff is in mickey's treasures so really just take the time to look and always go in the morning!

best thing about cast connections... you also get 10% off all of your purchases on TOP of the ridiculously discounted merchandise :amazed: and yes, that includes mickey's treasures. 75% off plus another 10%.

as you can tell, i'm a fan of cast connections. it's also worth noting that the character warehouses (at the outlet malls - vineland & international) has a lot of the same stuff but cast connections is bigger and there's property control & mickey's treasures at cast connections. so i recommend just going to CC and not the character warehouses since you'll probably find the same stuff at the outlets but you get the added bonus of mickey's treasures. it's also right behind magic kingdom so you can go there in the morning and not waste too much time traveling since it's not far out.

this was super long i'm sorry.

if you have any other questions you can snaptext me :aww:
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