A Bookdragon's Lovesong


(originally joyfulari)
Title: A Bookdragon's Lovesong
Written: 02/13/2021
By: Mari Fahel McKimzey
Copyright (c) 2021 MJFM

When they see us together they shaken
I suppose we look rather odd indeed
A book dragon and a medieval gryphon
Though, like a well-oiled apparatus, work we

We met on a chilly day in a library
You, a secret that I had to unlock
And I, a college boy that you just happened to see
No hero but with you it's fine that I'm not

It's been fourteen years since meeting over there
And seven years married faithfully
With our little walking sunshine-filled shapeshifting toddler
Yet four years of parenting hasn't changed my feelings

I enjoy being with you even in silence
We are firstly a friendship blooming garden
Our romantic and platonic feelings are truly intense
As a blaze upon our hearts refining gold and diamonds