A Pirate's Life For Me! (Rules)


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MyVMK Staff
When it's your turn to enter pick the red or blue track. It will be your team color consisting of 2 players per team. This track will take you to the 1st ship. Choose who will spin and who will sit and wait on the chair.

When I say "Fire!" player 1 will spin their generator until they get a 6. Then player 2 will go on their start which will unlock the 2nd ship.

On the 2nd ship player 2 will need to spin a 6. Player 1 will also go on the 2nd ship once unlocked. While or when player 2 spins a 6 (doesn't matter) player 1 will make their way on the rafts (doesn't have to be perfect) to get to ship 3.

Once player 1 makes it on the 3rd ship they will need to spin a 6 when player 2 spun their 6 on ship 2.
You CAN'T leave this ship in anyway be it water or land until the final 6 for your team is spun. You CAN step anyway on this ship, but you can't get off of it until a 6 is spun.

Note: When player 2 spins the 6 they can also make their way to the 3rd ship in preparation (don't block it from the others)

Once the 6 is spun, sit on the green throne. First team to do so wins!


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