A Winter Mystery

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This is just an example of the creative writing I love to do! Please let me know what you think!

Karen Winchester was a girl who loved nature. She hated the days when she just sat around at home or at school and never went outside. She considered those days wasted.

But today, Karen was not going to spend a minute indoors. It was snowing! Her favorite time to be outside was when the glistening white flakes gently sprinkled down from the sky and landed in her hair, making it sparkle in the sunlight. She also loved sledding, especially down the hill in her backyard that sloped down towards a forest.

Karen buttoned her periwinkle coat and pulled on her ebony snow boots, ready to go outside. She grabbed her rusty wooden sled from her garage and prepared to enjoy the first snow of the season.

Karen dragged her sled to the back of her house and set it at the top of the hill, its metal blades cutting into the thick layer of snow. Then she let a snowflake fall onto her tongue, filling her body with a cool sensation, before plopping down on the sled and taking off.

The cold winter wind smacked her face as Karen sped down the hill, hoping she wouldn't fly off as her snow cap had just done. She gripped the front of the sled tighter, feeling one of her boots slip off, and closed her eyes so that no snow would fly into them as she reached the bottom of the long, steep hill.

Then, Karen felt her hand slip off the rail and wedge into a crack in the sled. She blinked back tears as she struggled to get it out, before realizing all too soon that she was soaring through the air, her scarf whipping in her face and her hand still stuck in the wood. She screamed, the sled pressing against her fingers about to crush them, when she felt the soft snow on her back.

Karen sat up, her hand free from the pressure of the wood. She began massaging the red marks on it when she saw what was next to her: her favorite sled now a pile of wood shavings.

Kneeling down beside the remnants of her sled, she spotted the two metal blades still in one piece. Maybe I can just get some more wood instead of buying a new sled, she thought.

Karen stood up, brushed off her coat, shook out her hair, and looked around. She realized that she was surrounded by lush evergreen trees topped with snow. Although it was a beautiful sight to behold as the bleak sunlight reflected off the snow and caused it to sparkle like diamonds, Karen was too worried about where she was that she didn't have time to focus on that. She couldn't see a house anywhere through the trees, so she cautiously tried to find her way back.

As Karen walked, she noticed that the snow below her feet wasn't glistening anymore. She looked up and the sun was shining brightly, so this made her curious. She bent down and studied the flakes, which were as normal as they had always been. This made her a bit anxious. She stood up and continued walking, but the snow still looked bland and dull.

Then Karen saw a large, dark shadow appear next to her. It looked like a man's figure, but she couldn't be sure. No matter what it was, though, she didn't like it in the least and began to run. However, as fast as she sprinted and as sharp as she turned, the shadow still followed her. Karen spun around but saw nothing. Not even footprints. The shadow was still there, though, and it had to have a host. Karen kept running, trying to find some clue at who or what was following her, but every time she looked back she saw nothing.

Then, Karen reached the bottom of the hill she had sledded down. The shadow was still there next to her, and she didn't want to lead it to her house. She was desperate to get home, though. Her sock was wet and soggy from where her boot had flown off, her other boot was filled with snow that made her foot and leg cold, her hair was filled with both snow and dirt from when she had landed on the ground after flying off her sled, her clothes were filthy, and her legs ached from running.

That's when Karen heard breathing behind her. She whipped her head in the direction it was coming from, and saw what was casting the shadow. She screamed.

More is coming in A Winter Mystery: The Second Part!