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Reply or msg me here or I'm on discord khloe#1631

Prices can be negotiable!! Just ask me if there is anything you want to see (:

Anna Bathing Suit Top and Bottom - 5k
Ariel Bathing Suit Top - 3k
Ariel's Flower - 13k
Belle Winter Top - 3k
Belle Winter Skirt - 3k
Binx Shoulder Pet - 10k SOLD
Bucket Hat Flower - 2k
Bucket Hat Pastel Purple - 2k
Bucket Hat Pastel Yellow - 2k
Bug's Life Antenna - 1k
Cardigan - Light Blue - 2k SOLD
Casual Petal Shirt - 2k
Cherry Blossom Dress - 2k SOLD
Chewbacca Beanie - 2k SOLD
Christmas Cardigan - Blue - 3k
Christmas Cardigan - Green - 3k
Christmas Cardigan - Red - 3k
Christmas Leggings - Blue - 3k
Christmas Leggings - Green - 3k
Christmas Leggings - Red - 3k
Christmas Skirt - Red - 2k
Cinderella Winter Top - 1k
Conch Shell Hat - 2k
Darth Maul Shirt - 2k
Darth Vader Mask - 500c SOLD
Dashiki - Purple - 1k
Empirial Uniform Top - Boys - 2k
Empirial Uniform Top - Girls - 2k
Esmeralda's Tamourbine - 8k
Fairy Silvermist Shirt and Skirt - 3k
Flotsam and Jetsam Shoulder Pet - 20k
Flower Crown Jumbo - 2k SOLD
Ghost Leggings - 4k
Halloween Mickey Pants - 3k
HalloweenTown Sora Hair - 5k
High Waisted Shorts - Light Denim - 3k
Holographic Sunglasses - 3k
Jack Skeleton Mask - 5k SOLD
Kristoff Swim Trunks - 2k SOLD
LOTK - Frontierland Tank Top - 5k
Love Wins Wand - 4k
Mandalorian Sweatshirt - 3k
Mascara and Blush - 2k
Maz Glasses - 3k
Mickey Ears - BB8 - 3k SOLD
Mickey Ears Baseball Cap - 3k
Mickey Ears Paintbrush - 10k
Okoye Shoes - 2k
Perdita Bathing Suit Top and Bottom - 4k
Princess Atta Tiara - 1k
R2D2 Shirt - 2k
Sally Casual Top - 3k
Scar Mask -1k SOLD
Short Wavy Hair - 4k
Sofia The First Top - 7k
Spirit Jersey Cinderella's Castle - 3k
Sunflower Shoes - 1k
Sweetheart Crop Top - 4k
Thanos Shoes - 2k
Thor Amour, Pants, and Shoes - 4k
Toy Story Bunny Hat -9k
Ursula Mask - 500c SOLD
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Cherry Blossom Dress - 2k
Binx Shoulder Pet - 10k
i will take these items :D
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