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Hey everyone ! As you all probably know, I do commission work for items in game. (:
Every months my wants chance, but payment usually stays the same.

So here is what I do :

Customer : Hey I want a commission!
Me : Alright - here, fill out this form.
Customer fills it out, : pays.
Me : Uploads picture.
- if you are uncomfortable with paying before the artwork is done, we can work around that.

Alrighty. Here are some examples of the work I will be doing for you (:

Example 1 : Cartoony :

Example 2 : Odd :

Example 3 : ARTISTS CHOICE. I will include specifics from your order. But I will have free reign on the style bit. - these come out the best, in my opinion. all of them will be different.

In game name :
Style Preferred :
Favorite 3 colors :
Any specifics? :

eheh Ursula reference. ehehe.

Okay : wants for : August.

- Mainly Storm Magic - I value each " image " at at least 10k , or 2 storm magics.

- Other Magics. and several gold items. , etc etc.

- IF YOU DO NOT HAVE THE ABOVE : Pm me, and we can work something out.

Wait List :
Alice / maryj

- allusion.
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In game name : NightElf
Style Preferred : Cartoony
Favorite 3 colors : teal, green and black
Any specifics? : could draw me as a night elf again like last time with white/blank eyes, long elf ears, blueish skin and green/turquoiseish ombreish hair but with a black flip hat on :D

thank you so much! your art is seriously my favorite :whee: :fly:
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In game name : Paigeuhsaur
Style Preferred : Cartoony
Favorite 3 colors : Red, Black, Grey
Any specifics? :

Alternate Specifics (in case you don't want to use that ref) : You could always make her match my name "Paigeuhsaur" holding a dinosaur plushy or being goofy like a dinosaur.


I just realized how old this post was. Whoops.