Any 5K, 10K, Half-Marathon, Full-Marathons runners out there?

Do you run marathons? c:

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I've done a lot of 5Ks and 10Ks as well, but never a half marathon. I was never really into running for the sport, I just do it as soccer training and just staying in shape.


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Yes, I use to before college got the best of me. Hehe.
What's really fun is about 8 years ago my dad got into "Ultra Running" where he would run 50 MILE and 100 MILE races. They were so fun to crew for him and his friends. Literally an all night and day thing in the woods meeting him at aid stations. Something I really enjoyed and thought it was pretty neat and so (Forest Gump voice) I started running. Haha :)
I have done numerous 10Ks :) I run about 3/4 times a week recreationally also!
I hope to do full marathons & iron man competition in the near future.

Best of luck with your training :thumbsup:


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I've been sick for the past month, so I haven't gone running much but I'm currently training for a 5K on Thanksgiving that I run every year :)


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running is honestly so fun
i love watching people eat my dust ha ha


I live in Arizona where summers get up to 130 degrees so.... I only run for half of the year!
I go to the gym and run inside between April - September
and from October to March I run outside. Playing it safe. :D

I joined my school's cross country team 4 years ago and that's what sparked my interest in running..
but I passed out at one of the meets (130 F at 6 pm, smart) so I quit the team lol

5k's are my thang. Haven't tried going farther than that though, maybe soon.


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I run! I did the dumbo double dare this August at Disneyland! I ran a half and a 10k for the first time the same weekend. It was great! <3 :) It was worth the training and bloody purple nail I got during training -__-
I've walked the Jimmy Fund Marathon for the last 3 years in a row which is 26.2 miles. It follows the Boston Marathon route from Hopkinton to Boston. I also just ran a 5k at Gillette Stadium - The Electric Run. That was a lot of fun!


i don't know
i am a cross country/track runner for school, but i have never done a marathon!
5ks are what a cross country meet is, so i guess that counts :)
i do mile races for track in the winter and spring.
I ran the half marathon of runDisney! this year. Unfortunately sickness prevented me from running the full (woke up the morning of the run with some sort of deathly flu. Spent the day curled up on a couch in the was sads
). Missed sign-ups for this year (It filled up faster than I anticipated, and money's been tight anyway), but I fully plan to do the Goofy's race and a half challenge in 2014!
So excited, I fully recommend doing a Disney run to anyone who is even remotely interested:thumbsup:

I also did the Color Me Rad 5k locally. Missed the Run For Your Life yet again.....timing just always seems to be off for that one :p


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I did a marathon out of sheer fun. It was not fun... My legs hurt so bad afterwards. But I was on my high school Xc team so I ran 5ks, 5 miles etc you name it. Still run in college. But not as much since I fractured my hip and was out for a year almost