Question(s) about Born In Park Badge Approved, but didn't get badge?


So I believe my born in the park badge was approved this past Sunday (I am unable to see the message). I am not sure the process of getting it (is it through just a message in game or do I have to do something specific?) I know it says I have to be in game but I don't know how it is given.

Thanks in advance. :>
Did you verify under the pins menu, under badges, because you have to select your badge to put it on your lanyard?
Yes I have looked in that section and there is nothing there.... I read in the main post about the badge that they will tell you in game through a message I think what to do if you're not in game to receive it. I just don't know if I missed that message or if it just hasn't been given out yet.
Has anyone not been online when a badge was approved and given? Or did yours just pop up in your 'badges' inventory spot? It has been a few weeks now and I still do not have the badge and I don't know if I ever received a message or if I accidentally deleted it... :(


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your best bet is probably just to send a cfh( call for help ) in game using the HELP button on the lower right hand corner of the screen and explaining that you havent recived the badge and its been weeks or send them an email


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Hi lovely! I just looked into this and you should be able to find your badge now! So sorry for the inconvenience <3