Ask The Staff March Questions & Answers

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March 5, 2019

Mini-Games & Double Credits

Avid: Has there be any talks about putting back fireworks magic into the firework game?
HOST_Nala: When FW is fixed, we will put it back

Retro: When is Retro level 3 expected to be back in potc?
HOST_Nala: Could be sooner than you think!

DizzyDuck: I’ve noticed that HM has a few glitches, will that be fixed?
HOST_Nala: Yes sometime this month

BunnehPrincess: Will there be new games besides sketchy
Amy: Yes

therealbear: Will we ever drive the JC boat again?
Amy: No one has mentioned it since I added jc so I forgot to ever add it
HOST_Nala: It can be added!

Avid: When can we expect keys being put into fw and jc games?
Amy: This month when we add a new captcha
Amy: It’ll only be for complete games, it’s point based and only if you finish a game

Castafloogin: So my question was why double credits removed from weeknd
VMK_Oogie: I believe Double Credits being removed were due to inflation
VMK_Oogie: It will even itself out soon! Amy is trying something and
VMK_Oogie: In the long run things will work out better than before!
HOST_Nala: It also gives people a chance who might be busy on weekends

Avid: With the new changes to double creds how often can we expect to get double cred days now
HOST_Nala: Once or twice a week

Avid: How soon will days the have double creds be announced? Like a few days before it happens?
HOST_Nala: We're aiming for like 5 days in advance at least

Graphic Design

Horse: What device/programs do you use for when you draw things for the game?
GA_Alice: I have a tablet but most of the time I use my laptop's touchpad.
GA_Alice: Photoshop!
GA_Alice: I use illustrator for some things too
VMK_Perdita: I use photoshop with a trackpad usually. <3
Amy: I use a huion kamvas 15 thing, it’s one of the screen drawing tablets and I use the ipad sometimes

Horse: Are you using a stylus, mouse, trackpad for drawing?
GA_Alice: Trackpad / sometimes tablet stylus
Amy: All of the above

Future Additions

Tadpole: Are hidden mickeys expected to come back anytime soon?
Amy: No current plans for them

kcoop: Will music be added to the new guest rooms and the old ones?
Amy: Yes

Aiyana: I just wanted to ask if u guys were aware of the misc tab rn, all the items moved to it dont show and we can't wear them
Amy: The ones on the floor should be fixed, clear your cache for that part

Aiyana: Will the staff parrot pet become tradable?
GA_Alice: Yes, and the ghost

Alchemist: Why is there no more ctrl spin
HOST_Nala: We might need the ctrl button for other features

Aiyana: Will the photos be fixed this month (putting them up in rooms)?
HOST_Nala: Yes

IAmTheWalrus: Are there plans to fix broken magics, like this candy magic?
HOST_Nala: We will fix magics! some animations got wonky

Aiyana: Will the photos be fixed this month (putting them up in rooms)?
HOST_Nala: Yes

fix: Can we ever expect to be able to put music in dark rooms
Amy: Not unless it’s premade music then maybe

Fotogirl: Can we get 4 view rotation on some building items like the pandora leaf carpet
HOST_Nala: The rotation of items are up to the designers
GA_Alice: I'm not sure Foto but we can try and add more 4 direction furniture for new items

Dazz: There was that color change button on furni where did it go? will it return?
Amy: That was just for staff
Amy: I don't think so lol

SugarPlumX: Will there be any new rooms coming soon?
HOST_Nala: Rooms are Amy’s favorite thing to make tbh so maybe

lexis: I was wondering if we are going to be able to sell back items?
HOST_Nala: Certain items yes!

Lady_Luck: Will soul dust be sellable?
HOST_Nala: We can do that

Neocissa: Why do most new shirts not come with chat box colors?
HOST_Nala: Weirdly, only recolors are assigned a bubble color but we can fix that

katieeelynnn: Will we get new skin colors
HOST_Nala: We can add more colors tbh


Zie: Is vmk as we see it a composite of prerendered 2d sprites?
Amy: Yes

IAmTheWalrus: Is there a cap to how many friends we can have on list?
HOST_Nala: No there isn't, there used to be

Zie: I am wondering how vmk is funded/ supported servers are expensive
HOST_Nala: Out of pocket
Zie: Very cool. By Amy and others?
HOST_Nala: Yes

Chernabog: How do you guys pick out the themes for every month?
GA_Alice: We discuss it as a team and look at player suggestions

Groovysqirrel: Is there any new info about Epcot?
HOST_Nala: We plan on adding more rooms to epcot!


Sounds awesome! I just hope adding us back on the boat for JC won't render the ability to skip past that long wait for the boat to get to the dock in the beginning. xD Certainly don't miss that!


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March 7, 2019

General Questions

Neocissa: What are the plans for rewards in checkers?
GA_Alice: we can discuss better checkers rewards
GA_Alice Right now it should give out a small amount of credits
GA_Alice: I’m not sure if it shows that though, same with sketchy
Neocissa: maybe add a message letting players know? :)

waterfallglow: when will quest kiosks be fixed? And..
waterfallglow: will our past quests we maded be re-set with the fix?
VMK_Perdita: There is currently no set date for kiosks. <3

nanoha: will there be more mini games that you can earn treasure keys
nanoha: or other items?
VMK_Oogie: Not sure about that nanoha but we do plan to add more
VMK_Oogie minigames in the future!

Msspinshady832: how long have all of you been apart of the vmk team?
VMK_Oogie: Since the end of November <3
VMK_Perdita: I’ve been here since May 2018 <3

DopeyAquaToast: Do you guys ever plan on making sketchy a credit game???
HOST_Ariel: Sketchy does give you credits
HOST_Ariel: Your score is the amount you get
VMK_Perdita: Lol, it just doesn’t pop up. <3

Meg: Will we ever have the CL’s back in this community? I have
Meg: noticed a big need for them
VMK_Oogie: I don’t think so Meg, but I am here to try to help new players
VMK_Oogie: just have to set somethings in motion!
Meg: so do you think they could create a staff postition as like a
Meg: welcoming comittee?
Meg: I’m a disney CMK and I’d love to help out with something like that
VMK_Oogie: There probably won't be a title for it but if you want to welcome
VMK_Oogie: new players that is always encouraged!

DisneyCreative: how long does it take to create a new item?
DisneyCreative: start to finish
VMK_Oogie: Wow, that’s a great one for the GA’s! I belive every
VMK_Oogie: GA is different, some a day, some a week some longer than that
VMK_Perdita: Depends on the item!
VMK_Perdita: I made the KH Emblem pins about an hour each

Suggestions from players

BallroomDancer: any hints on activities for easter
VMK_Oogie: No hints yet for easter
GA_Alice: btw if you have any ideas/suggestions especially about items
GA_Alice: post on forums and tag me

Sucrette: given that there was a Kingdom Hearts month, do you think
Sucrette: there could be a studio Ghibli month?
VMK_Perdita: We'd have to make sure it was 100% Disney to do Ghibli.

kcoop: Are there any plans to do a vmk marketplace soon?
GA_Alice: it's been talked about but unsure on the marketplace

lexis: any plans for more social media competitions?
VMK_Oogie: One’s coming up real soon
VMK_Oogie: Keep your eyes on our twitter & forums

JuneBliss: would you ever bring back redemption codes like in og vmk?
VMK_Perdita: They happen on occasion! We can talk about more. <3

waterfallglow: any plans for more pet bases? Like a stitch pet base perhaps?
VMK_Perdita: Pet bases are the best! Amy and Hogie are awesome at them
VMK_Perdita: Can definitely ask them for more <3
waterfallglow: i want a stitch one lol

Sucrette: could we have more food items?
VMK_Oogie: You know, you’re not the first to ask that Sucrette!
VMK_Oogie: I think we should discuss a theme for foods sometime
GA_Alice: again any item ideas feel free to tag me

FlameLegend: So if I remember correctly, the VMK gallery used to show hints
FlameLegend: Of next months theme at the end of the month, could that
FlameLegend: be done again?
VMK_Perdita: We can talk about doing that again!

DisneyDreaming: Is it possible we could get a Tinker Bell shoulder buddy? ;)

LexieandTink: I remember a while back, you guys did hide-and-seek style
LexieandTink: trivia, are there plans to bring that back?
LexieiandTink: like staff would go around to rooms and ask trivia questions
VMK_Oogie: We can suggest that!

Sucrette: Do you think we could have glow in the dark furni and clothes
Sucrette: like electrical parade stuff

Sucrette: could we have more food items?
VMK_Oogie: You know, you’re not the first to ask that Sucrette!
VMK_Oogie: I think we should discuss a theme for foods sometime
GA_Alice: again any item ideas feel free to tag me

FlameLegend: Is it possible for event prizes to be listed in the event cal?
VMK_Oogie: I can put them in my forums event post as well FlameLegend!
GA_Alice: host prizes are on the newsletter but we can talk about
GA_Alice: adding special event/quest prizes to it

alpharanda: Will there be any new princess costumes being added in the future
VMK_Oogie: If the theme is fitting alpharanda :)
VMK_Oogie: We only discuss things a month in advance
alpharanda: like sleeping beauty pheasant dress
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