Battle the Staff Update


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Hello everybody!

We hope youre enjoying the games as much as we are! We plan on keeping this event around for a while, if that's alright with all of you.:)

First, I would like to announce that an extra Haunted Mansion date will be added to the calendar for either this week or early next month, so please keep your eyes peeled. We, of course, will also notify everyone via twitter and game alert as soon as we come up with a good time. This is to even out the prizes between the Haunted Manion and both Pirates of the Caribbean games.

Second, I would like to discuss prizes. We understand people still want incentive to play after winning, which is why we have decided to award two prizes to the winners. The team has come to the decision to make the staff pet prizes a main prize for the game. This prize will always be contant, and will remain untradable for the time being. The second prize will be changed every few games. This prize will remain tradeable. The additional prize for the first few games is a trophy. The Haunted Mansion winners will receive "Trophy - Mansion Ghost" and both POTC winners will receive "Trophy - Pirate Ship" as part of their award. We have gone ahead and awarded every winner from passed events with the additional prizes, so please check your inventories for those.

Third, I would like to inform you that we have detected the cause for the missing Battle the Staff prizes, and we have made some changes on our end to make sure that no longer happens. As always though, we are human and we make mistakes. If you ever come across a time where you did not receive a prize and believe you should have, please send in a Call For Help. I will personally be checking calls for this problem for an hour after the event is over to make sure any issues are resolved immediately.

We hope these changes make everything run a little smoother. We are improving with every game and we truly enjoy spending some fun times with you all during this event.

Now, I'm going to need your help! We want to include you guys into the prizes, so please shoot some ideas out at us! We are preferrably looking for something that can include both games so it makes sense to release the prizes together. Your examples are the current hats and trophies. Let us know what you want to see!

Friendly reminder to keep the MyVMK game rules in mind while playing Battle the Staff. This includes our zero tolerance policies for both clone abuse and exploiting glitches. These rules are put in place because we want to see as many individuals get a chance to play as possible. We work very hard to make this a positive experience, and we appreciate your cooperation greatly. If you need a refresher of the rules, you can find the total game rules here, and HOST_Nala’s description of the clone policy here.

Hope to see you at the next one!


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@VMK_Perdita i won the the last ctf bts and i sent a cfh bc i still havent gotten my prizes and no one will respond to me
I will look into this right now.

But could you guys respond to CFH about people being kicked out of the room last minute?
We will always respond to calls. We bring in people as long as there are still others in the queue room. If we are unable to bring you in because the event has ended, we will also let you know.


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Are the trophy prizes furniture or pins?

Also, perhaps you could have a monthly prize for winning BTS that fits with the month theme.
hb a parrot hat! WE NEED MORE BIRD ITEMS!![DOUBLEPOST=1530314288][/DOUBLEPOST]dream looking shirts are also really popular. more graphic tees too would be neat. Maybe a tee similar to the ned teeshirt but with staff memeber faces on it![DOUBLEPOST=1530314473][/DOUBLEPOST]or like a student vs staff type event where theres clothing you could have supporting either side at the event. dunno just ideas


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hi I still haven’t received them
You should have your items now! ♥

Are the trophy prizes furniture or pins?

Also, perhaps you could have a monthly prize for winning BTS that fits with the month theme.
The trophies are furniture items! I do like this idea of fitting it into the theme! ♥