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Welcome all to the grand opening of the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique!
For this month full of love, we have rebranded to being a Beau-tique (Get it? Because it means... well never mind, you get the pun.)

To get to the BBB, simply enter through the main entrance of The MyVMK Mall (with more stores coming in the future.)

This Valentine's Day, we are carrying a selection of various collections.
These items will only be available for a limited time only so make sure to get them all before it's too late!

Aren't these collections just so chic? So fab? Just so... fetch!

Now with a boutique of this prestige, there are a few rules and standards when it comes to our clientele.
•In honor of the holiday of love and gifting, you may only purchase items for a friend or loved one.
•You cannot purchase items for yourself or a clone.
•We will be clone-checking before items are sent to the recipient.
•If you are found to be cloning, your credits will be refunded, but you will be ineligible to partake further in the event.
•You can buy only ONE of a collection per event/visit.
•You may purchase a single item from a bundle if you only desire it/cannot afford the bundle (this will count as your purchase for said collection.)
•A full collection must be sent to only one person and cannot be divided between different recipients.
•You can send items and messages up to 3 valentines per event/visit.
•Remember there are 7 collections total, meaning you can purchase only 3 per event/visit.
•You may repurchase collections if you can get back into the event/the queue is still open.
•The shop will open various times this month, at different times, to allow multiple time zones or schedules to work.
•Any messages must be appropriate.
•If any messages are found to be backhanded or inappropriate, you will be refunded and ineligible to partake in the event.
•There are no winning, consolation, or participation prizes for this event.
•If you have any questions, feel free to DM PROMO_Dante or HOST_Ariel on Discord, or shoot us a DM on here/the forums.

Now how will this event be working?
•Enter The MyVMK Mall via the guest rooms list (it will be pinned at the top.)
•A staff member will allow 5-10 players in at a time to wait in the queue.
•Be aware, the event may close before you can get in.
•One at a time, players will be allowed in to have their personal shopping experience with a staff member running the shop.
•Come prepared knowing which bundles you would like to purchase, who will get what, and what messages you would like to send.
•The staff member will trade you to collect said information, along with payment for your total purchase.
•Once the transaction is complete, you may leave the room to either rejoin the queue or simply go along with your day.
•All gift and message info will be documented by staff members.
•Items will be delivered within a day or two (depending on how many purchases we receive in one visit.

As for the prices for each collection, they will be as follows:

True Love Collection
•150k for full
•100k if without animated kisses makeup
-15k per regular makeup
-50k for animated kisses makeup

J'dore Collection
•50k for full
-20k per pin

Happily Ever After Collection
•15k for full
-5k per pin

Tale as Old As Time Collection
•25k for full
-10k per beanie
-5k for pin

Diamonds are Forever Collection
•300k for full
-100k per Dopey eyes

Glitz and Glam Collection
•60k for full
-20k per outfit (includes top, skirt, and heels)

Love on the Dancefloor Collection
•60k for full
-20k per outfit (includes two shirts and pants per color)

**Some bundles include a discount if purchased in full vs individual

Remember, we will be opening the store multiple times throughout February.
If you do not get in during one event, there will be plenty of other opportunities.
If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to @PROMO_Dante or myself, @HOST_Ariel .
Happy shopping and have a magical day!

***There is a possibility of some additional items arriving at the shop at a later date. If so, they will be announced and made known before being added to the shop/list.

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