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Need a new signature? I'm on it!
I've included some examples of my work so you can see how my signatures generally look. They do not include drawings or gifs! Just an image, border, and your in-game name. So they're not too fancy, but they are definitely cool. :)

I can:
~Use most images, fonts, colors, and borders
~Add additional words below your or above your name (or anywhere for that matter)
~Use two or even three images in one signature
~Add shapes and multiples borders
~Add stripes or polka dots if that's your thing haha

I cannot:
~Use drawings
~Use vertical photos
~Use gifs
~Add animations
~Do anything too tech savvy lol

For a signature, please fill out the following form and attach the image you would like to your post! I can only work with horizontal ones.
Name to be displayed:
Additional words (optional):
Font (optional- please write the name only):
Preferred colors of border and name:

Attach your image please!

**Your signature is guaranteed within a week. I'll PM it to you so you can tell me what you think, and I should be able to edit anything you don't like. When you're happy with it, please meet me in-game or send me a gift box with the credits! Price for all signatures is just 5k.**



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