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Hello! I first got the born in the park badge back in 2015 I believe. I havent been on here in a good while and decided to get back on when I noticed my Avatar no longer has the Green BORN IN PARK BADGE.. :( its just gone..Do the badges disappear if you dont get on for sometime? I already sent a HELP request to staff. Has this happened to anyone else? Please help a fellow VMK'er out I really want my badge back. Thanks everyone!


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Did you have any luck finding yours? I still can't find mine anywhere in my inventory :no::surrender:
It has not disappeared. You can now add/remove your badges under Pins -> Badges in your inventory window! If you have multiple badges, you can also choose which ones to display and in any order.


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Thanks guys! I haven't played in a few years as well so I was confused. But this helped!