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    One of my favorite Disney movies of all time partially because it's so underrated...
    Wreck-It Ralph Month!

    *Recolored gumdrop chairs
    *Tapper's bar top tables
    *Peppermint tables
    *Brick walls from Fix It Felix
    *Nesquick sand rug
    *Chocolate water rug
    *Lollipop "lamps"
    *Giant lollipops that have a bite taken out of them when you click them!

    *Vanellope Von Schweetz hoodie
    *Wreck-it Ralph shirt
    *Fix It Felix shirt with tool belt
    *Vanellope skirt with leggings
    *Wreck-it Ralph overall bottoms
    *Fix It Felix jeans
    *Vanellope sprinkles hair and bow
    *Blue Fix It Felix hat
    *Vanellope black boots
    *Ralph giant bare feet
    *Felix work boots

    *Glitch magic! Makes character blink
    *Turbo magic! Makes you go turbo (turn into turbo)
    *Set 1: Sugar Rush Racer pins!
    -Swizzle Malarkey
    -Taffeta Muttonfudge
    -Adorabeezle Winterpop
    -Gloyd Orangeboar
    -Rancis Fluggerbutter
    *Set 2: Nicelander Cuties!
    *Set 3: Medals
    -Hero's Duty Medal
    -Sugar Rush gold coin
    -"You're my hero" cookie medal
    -Fix It Felix Jr. Medal

    Guest Room
    *Diet Cola Mountain room
    *Fungeon/King Candy's Castle
    *Hero's Duty Medal Room

    BONUS: Sugar Rush Racers! Could be a race track with a candy car
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    Awesome idea, Sequin! Though I think I'm adding a new minor rule for future suggestions--note which shop would sell the furni items! For example, for Three Caballeros Month, the new items would be found in the Golden Horseshoe.
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    In-Game Name:
    Sidekick Month

    This concept is similar to villians month, in that it reveres the characters we love who aren't necessarily the main character! Enjoy :BananaWave:


    * Cloud couch with pegasus’s head popping out one end like when Zeus creates him
    * 7 dwarves’ long wooden plank table
    * titan’s prison room divider (Hercules)
    * Magic carpet (Aladdin)
    * Lumiere lamp – I’ve seen a lumiere lamp somewhere in myVMK! Turns on when you click it

    * Abu vest
    * Abu Hat
    *Tinkerbell top .. with a leaf vest for males
    *Tinkerbell skirt
    * Tinkerbell/leaf shoes
    * Muses’ toga top
    *Muses’ toga bottom
    *Muses’ headband

    * Turn into genie magic – your sprite looks like the genie for a limited amount of time
    * Pin set 1:
    Anger, Sadness, Disgust, Fear, Joy
    *Pin set 2:
    Meeko&Flit, Timon&Pumbaa, Olaf&Sven, Lumiere&Cogsworth, Mushu&Cricket, Terk&Tantor
    *Pin set 3:
    Doc, Grumpy, Sleepy, Sneezy, Bashful, Dopey, Happy

    Guest Room
    * Riley’s brain room – one wall can be filled with the day’s memories, and the other can have the view of the friendship islands or the control panel
    *Inside Genie’s lamp – a golden dome with ornate blue-to-white ombre designs patterning the walls and floor

    BONUS: Sidekick generator

    *These items will be in "It's a Small World" imports! (except the generator, those are always sold in the emporium I believe)
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    Feb 7, 2016
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    In-Game Name:
    Theme: Emperor's new groove

    * Seat would be Kuzco's throne
    * Table would be the gold dining rectangle table seen in the beginning
    * Room divider would be the blue guard divider as also seen in the beginning, before they roll it up and show them dancing, could be the giant doors as seen before poncho goes into kuzco's throne room for the first time. Could be the fish theme as seen in yzma's lab
    * Rug would be the blue runner rug seen in the beginning
    * When kuzco pulls the robe to show his idea of his summer home, it could be a replica. you double click the rope to show the village, or it could actually just be the summer home and when you double click on it, fireworks!
    *Wanted to add a teleporter idea, it could be the levers like yzma does to go into her lab. The right lever would go to the room where the other side would be, but the wrong lever could either eject you to main street or turn you into an egg. With this, we could also have her ride pieces released.

    * Kuzco's robe top (red color with the yellow design of the hat, would also have the red cape to curl in the back)
    Poncho's robe top (big green poncho)
    Yzma's robe top (would be a purple top, with the start of her black cape, in the back would be her huge distracting purple and blue sun of a thing)
    Kronk's robe tank top, the purple with the yellow near the neckline.

    * Kuzco's robe bottom (the red skirt that goes above his knees)
    Poncho's brown skirt (Doesn't look like shorts to me lol, but up for interpretation) ,
    Yzma's robe bottom (a purple robe bottom that trails the ground with the rest of her black cape)
    Kronk's robe bottom, the different color shade of purple bottom

    * Kuzco's "crown" (the yellow emperors sun hat, optional earrings for girls)
    Poncho's hat
    Yzma's "Crown" (The big black tall hat, could optional have the earrings for girls)
    Kronk's hat, it looks like the hilt of a sword to me lol

    * Kuzco's shoes (black shoes with a gold ankle design)
    Poncho's shoes ( like black slides)
    Yzma's shoes (would be the same as kuzco's without the ankle design)
    Kronk's shoes, would be like black slides but it would be with yellow socks, and kuzco's would need to look more elegant.

    * Well, we already have Yzma magic, so I would like to see Kuzco magic. You would turn into a llama.
    * The pin set for these could be the different potions that Yzma has, they would have the pictures on the front and all be a pink vial. Either that, or there could be a pin related to each character. Kronk would be a squirrel, Yzma would be the pink potion, Kuzco would be his rattle he had as a baby and Poncho would be a family portrait.

    Guest Room
    * This one was tough for me to think of, on one hand I wanted Kuzco's throne room, on the other hand I wanted Yzma's lab, and on the last hand I wanted Poncho's village, one of the main rooms (I was thinking either kitchen or the outside where he goes to put Misty away)

    Then furniture depending on guest room of choice could be released.

    I got really excited with it so came up with alternatives just in case one fell through :D Also was thinking of a month long so would need new items released every week, host prizes, etc. This is my favorite disney movie lol
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    In-Game Name:
    Wreck-It Ralph Month is shaping up to be everything we ever dreamed. I have no complaints. But maybe next month we could have a completely different vibe with something like...

    Jolly Holiday Month
    Because who doesn't love Mary Poppins?

    Seats: Carousel Horse Chairs, Floating Tea Time Chairs, Toybox Bench, Chimney Pot Stool,
    Table: Floating Tea Time Table
    Divider: London Rooftop Railings
    Carpet/Rug: Sidewalk Chalk Painting Rug--maybe several different ones, so we could lay them out side-by-side like Bert's gallery!
    Lamp: Tiffany Floor Lamp
    Other: Blooming cherry tree, Mary's Carpetbag, Penguin Waiter
    Pet Pad: Hunted Fox


    Tops: Navy Blue Coat Top, Jolly Holiday Dress Top, Chimney Sweep Jacket, Jolly Holiday Striped Jacket
    Bottoms: Navy Blue Coat Bottom, Jolly Holiday Dress Skirt, Chimney Sweep Trousers, Jolly Holiday Trousers
    Hats: Flowered Bowler Hat, Jolly Holiday Lady's Hat, Flat Cap, Jolly Holiday Straw Hat
    Shoes: Sensible Pumps, High-Button Boots, Black Wingtips, White Wingtips

    Magic Pin: Flying Umbrella Magic--Functions like Teleportation, but instead of disappearing and reappearing in the new location, your sprite levitates across the distance with an umbrella in hand!
    Normal Pin Set: Cuties of Mary, Bert, Jane, Michael, and Mr. Banks

    Guest Rooms
    Jolly Holiday Glade--A delightful outdoor space framed by willow trees.
    Fidelity Fiduciary Bank--A serious indoor space with polished floors and a huge vault door.

    Ride Start
    Carousel Horse--If it could be made to bob up and down along the track, that would be marvelous!
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    Oct 10, 2013
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    In-Game Name:
    Disney Couples Month :halcyon:
    (for the month of February - Valentine's month)

    Basically the month would be aimed toward the Disney Couples like.. Lady and the Tramp, Mickey and Minnie, Stitch and Angel, Ariel and Eric, Aladdin and Jasmine, Giselle and Prince Edward, Cinderella and Prince Charming, Snow White and her Prince, Belle and the Beast.. the list goes on.

    Note: I actually emailed staff about my month theme idea a while back when Valentine's Day Month was coming up and they said that it was too short notice basically. Maybe they will do it next year? I really would love this to happen!

    Seats: wedding chairs with cloth, bows, or flowers on them
    Table: Lady and the Tramp red cloth table (from spaghetti scene in the movie)
    Divider: orange lantern flats (Tangled), wedding archway
    Carpet/Rug: Lady and the Tramp stone rug with the heart around the letters T and L (from the movie), flying carpet rug (Aladdin)
    Lamp: orange lanterns (Tangled)
    Other: pillow with glass slipper on it (Cinderella-animated version), wedding cake with Mickey and Minnie on top, plate of spaghetti (Lady and the Tramp)
    Pet Pad: Stitch pet base (Lilo and Stitch) , Angel pet base (Lilo and Stitch), Lady pet base (Lady and the Tramp), Tramp pet base (Lady and the Tramp)

    Tops: Ariel's wedding dress top (The Little Mermaid), Gisele's wedding dress top (Enchanted), Eric's wedding suit top (The Little Mermaid), Cinderella's wedding dress top (Cinderella-animated version), Prince Charming's wedding suit top (Cinderella-animated version), Prince Edward prince suit top (Enchanted), standard white princess dress top
    Bottoms: Ariel's wedding dress skirt (The Little Mermaid), Gisele's wedding dress skirt (Enchanted), Eric's wedding suit pants (The Little Mermaid), Cinderella's wedding dress skirt (Cinderella-animated version), Prince Charming's wedding suit pants (Cinderella-animated version), standard white princess dress skirt
    Hats: Ariel's wedding veil (The Little Mermaid), Cinderella's wedding veil (Cinderella-animated version), Prince Edward's crown (Enchanted)
    Shoes: Cinderella's glass slippers (Cinderella-animated version), Gisele's wedding dress shoes (Enchanted), Prince Edward boots (Enchanted), standard white princess shoes

    Magic Pin: True Love's Kiss magic! (allows floating lipstick kisses to float around your character)
    Normal Pin Set: Disney couple pin bags! (like the villian pin bag but with Disney couples on them)
    Guest Rooms: The ballroom from Beauty and Beast!

    Host Events
    1: Helping prince charming find Cinderella (glass slipper chairs can be used)
    2: "A Whole New World" race.. To recreate the scene of Aladdin and Jasmine on the magic carpet. Players race across magic carpet chairs through the sky of cloud props. First person to the end wins! (the song "A Whole New World" can play in the background)
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    In-Game Name:
    Robin Hood Month (Forgive me if this has been done before)

    So this month focuses completely around the animated film from the late 70's, early 80's.
    Watch this to get an idea of what I'm picturing here:
    I honestly feel that this is one of the most underrated Disney films. It's personally one of my favorites. I think the costume designs and scenery could work really well with the game.

    Prince Johns Throne Chair:
    Flat Log Table (Log Cabinish):
    Castle Walls, with or without a window. Maybe have some come with cool flags attached to it
    Red Carpet Runner:
    Castle Wall Torches. Click on them and they give off a little flame

    Clothing (GUYS)
    Robin's Green Tunic/Shirt
    Robin's Matching Belt - Shirt is long enough
    Robin's Hat
    Robin's green shoes

    Clothing (GUYS/GIRLS)
    Prince John's Blue Robe
    Prince John's Undershirt/pant combo
    His Jeweled Large Crown
    No shoes as he's barefooted

    Clothing (GIRLS)
    Maid Marian Dress
    Maid Marian Headdress
    Once more barefooted
    This should give you an idea:

    Taxpayer magic pin. When used your character is showered by coins or jingles around a bag filled with them.
    Character set pins: Royal Guard, Sir Hiss, Sheriff, Friar, etc.

    Guest Room
    Fairgrounds type room. Outdoor area where walls are painted to look like small tents with a large open field, maybe steps to place the royal throne.

    BONUS: Possible Idea of a Campfire???

    Let me know your thoughts! :)
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    I love it :D I had recently just watched this again a few months ago, and I agree it's another underrated disney film. I started doing research on older disney movies and came across a lot of really good ones as well as this one :)
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    A Muppets month!
    in the game they have sully and mike bean bags how about a...
    [​IMG] KERMIT!!!
    Also maybe some drums...

    Kermit to sit on yo head!
    A Fozzy hat... upload_2018-1-12_16-30-26.jpeg

    Kermit with his teaaaaaaaaa
    And the full cast!
    This room!!

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    agreed, a muppets month needs to happen. and don’t forget a swedish chef outfit and a gonzo the great cannon furniture item

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  12. Metaphor

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    In-Game Name:
    Classic Disney Month - a month dedicated to the Disney Golden Age movies
    I'll include the most notable items, but movies would range from Snow White to The Jungle Book, all movies listed here

    Seat: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs mine car! It would have jewels on the top you could sit on.
    Table: The table from The Lady and the Tramp <3
    Lamp: A light-up sword in the stone

    Clothing - I had so many ideas I chose a different outfit for each section
    Outfit 1: Wendy Darling nightgown (female) and Peter Pan costume (male)
    Outfit 2: Wendy Darling nightgown skirt (female) and Peter Pan pants (male)
    Hat 1: Steamboat Willie Mickey Mouse's hat in black and white
    Hat 2: The Evil Queen's crown/covering/cape

    Magic Pin: Steamboat Willie - your avatar becomes black and white for a period of time
    Normal Pin Set: Disney Golden Age. One pin for the movies that encompass the Disney Golden Age. Each movie would have the main hero/heroine, and the villain.

    Guest Room
    Walt's Office. The room Walt did a lot of his drawing and brainstorming in. It would play the Steamboat Willie theme song and have pictures of the most famous Disney classics, with a window overlooking Disneyland.