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Welcome to Bueno Nacho! The home of the Naco. Today is your first day on the job, don't mess up any orders!

To play:

Four players enter the room at a time and will pick one side to verse the two opponents (orange vs green). Two teams of two.

When you go on the start it will have you stand on the circular tile next to the red counter.

There is a blue food tray on each side in the center of the room that will display the food you need to put on your red trays (next to your colored bag is yours) in placement shown.

When I say "Serve!" walk and stand in front (you don't need to be facing it) of the food (anywhere on back counter) you need on the conveyor belt and double click it to activate it. Then move (green move button) that food on the tray in the placement shown. Example: Soda is on the top right side of the blue tray, that means your Soda needs to be on the top right side on your tray.

Remember: Stand next to the food you need, double click it to have the sauce/soda, then place it on your tray in correct placement.

If you are standing in front of a food and if there are two foods left and right of that food (left and right of you) you may be able to activate those foods too if need be. But if you can't then move closer to it.

The Food Server Team to have all of their activated foods (8) and placed in order shown, wins! This is a team work event. You can help out your partner.

Food Activation Features: Burrito (red sauce), Nacho (yellow cheese), Ice Cream (chocolate syrup), Soda (green soda).

Video Click On It (pretend the winning nacho has cheese on it):

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