Bug's 8.9k Fireworks Video


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I know a lot of people want fireworks tips, and there is only so much we can say. Dep and Astro have amazing videos to watch, but I know it can be overwhelming to see someone get 11k. SO here I am because I am not that good LOL

I wanted to show this to you guys because you can see OBVIOUS mistakes I made, but I was still able to achieve 8.9k in this video. if you have questions let me know, but I hope this helps.
Shoutout to Mosaik for teaching me the ways of recording on my laptop
also hopefully it works because idk anything about technology

Also check out Leah's thread for written fireworks tips:
:swoon:We appreciate you so much! Ty for sharing :angel:!!!
This is a great video! Shows a lot that players can do to improve their score!
To note, there are still obvious mistakes that even Dep and I are still making up towards 11k.
Always room for improvement! Thank you for sharing!!