Bunz Trade Shop with Tsums!

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Looking for credits!
This is always up to date!

Tsum Tsum Original Donald - 500c
Tsum Tsum Original Mickey - 500c
Tsum Tsum Original Piglet - 500c
Tsum Tsum Pirate Mickey - 500c
Tsum Tsum Pirate Minnie - 500c
Tsum Tsum Pirate Pooh - 500c
Tsum Tsum Pirate Donald (Silver) - 8k
Tsum Tsum Mansion Goofy - 500c

Aladdin Abu - 1k
Aladdin Aladdin - 1k
Aladdin Rajah - 1k
Ash - 500k
Cuties Dumbo - 1k
Cuties Goofy - 1k
Disneyland Quest - 2k
DLR 60th Year Celebration - 2k
DLR 60th Blue Diamond - 2k
DLR 60th Diamond Mickey - 3k
DLR 60th Mickey Ears - 2k
Fourth of July 2015 - 1k
Frontierland Big Thunder Mountain - 1k
Frontierland Mark Twain Riverboat - 1k
Frontierland Sailing Ship - 1k
Hotel DLP Cheyenne Hotel - 4k
Hotel DLR Grand Californian - 4k
Hotel DLR Paradise Pier - 3k
Hotel WDW Polynesian Hotel - 2k
Hotel WDW Pop Centurt - 2k
One Million Dreams Donald's - 4k
One Millions Dreams Mickey's - 4k
One Millions Dreams Minnie's - 4k
One Millions Dreams Tigger's Bouncing Buddies - 4k
One Millions Dreams Tink's Mischievious - 4k
One Millions Dreams Walt's Disney - 4k
One Millions Dreams Celebration 4k
Park Snacks Popcorn - 2k
Pirate and Princess - 3k
Pirate Jolly Chip - 500c
Pirates Mickey's Reward - 500c
Pirates Minnie's Reward - 500c
POTC Davy Jones' Key - 500c
POTC Tia's Voodoo Doll - 500c
Retro VMK Adventureland - 2k
Retro VMK It's a Small World - 1k
Retro VMK Tomorrowland - 2k
St. Patrick's Day 2015 - 1k
Star Wars Jar Jar Binks - 500c
Tiki Idol Blue - 1k
Tiki Idol Yellow - 1k
Tiki Pirates Skull - 500c
Valentines 2015 Lady and the Tramp - 1k

Room Pins

Expedition Everest - 4k
Space Mountain - 3k

Fisherman's Cap Black - 500c
Mickey Ears 60th Celebration - 2k
Pirate Bandana Black - 500c
Pirate Elizabeth Swann Boots - 500c
Pirate Elizabeth Swann Shirt - 500c
Pirate Scarf Black - 500c
Princess Hat Black - 1k
Shorts Girls Black - 500c

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My lovely Lazy id like Tsum Tsum Eeyore - 2k :)
okay I will be in shipwreck graveyard :D[DOUBLEPOST=1441465896][/DOUBLEPOST] okay ill be at shipwreck graveyard D::D[DOUBLEPOST=1441465917][/DOUBLEPOST]
I'll take Pirate Piglet + Mansion Donald ^-^
ill be at shipwreck graveyard n yes okay :D[DOUBLEPOST=1441465947][/DOUBLEPOST]
I have no idea how I missed this.
Star Wars Stormtrooper - 1k
yes ill be at shipwreck graveyard :D[DOUBLEPOST=1441465967][/DOUBLEPOST]
Can I have the Star of Mickey pin? :D
yes ill be at shipwreck graveyard :D[DOUBLEPOST=1441465986][/DOUBLEPOST]
how do you get star wars stormtrooper i need it
it is from the host events[DOUBLEPOST=1441466033][/DOUBLEPOST]
I'll take 1x of any extra HM commons. I'll be on later today!
okay let me know when u r on and we can meet :D
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