Castle Fireworks


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Like POTC, Fireworks is now totally playable with just a couple of things missing (text that tells you if you got flawless etc, high scores between levels).

My goal right now is to get minigames all playable before my planned release date, and do the finishing touches when they're all able to be played. The reason for this is it works better with the way I work.

It's perfectly playable on phones and tablets too... to a point... it's really hard to switch between the different fireworks types, right now you click their icons on the bottom bar. If you have any suggestions on a better way I'm open to them. iPhone 5c gets 25-30FPS which is about what the original client runs at, newer mobile devices and most laptops/desktops get a solid 60.

I'm considering adding a new minigame especially for phone and tablet users, well not entirely new just a new addition to fireworks. It'd be Castle Fireworks Casual or something along those lines. It would play much like actual fireworks, but you wouldn't have to worry about switching between firework types, only tapping the fireworks at the perfect time. You would earn less credits in this mode, but overall it would be much more playable on mobile devices. This probably won't come out with the new client immediately though.

Anyway, here's a picture of Fireworks in the new client!

No I'm not actually that good, it's in a test mode right now that auto-explodes every firework at the best possible time.

Sadly no bloopers for this one!