Chicks vs. Bunnies Eggcellent Event

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An Eggcellent Event!

Chicks vs. Bunnies

How do I pick a team?

Upon logging in, you will be assigned a team. This is to assure both teams are even and the fight is fair! You will either become a chick or a bunny. This will be displayed through a popup notification when you first login.

How do I know who's on what team?

At this time, the only way to test this out is to hit another player. If you hit another player with an egg and they fall, they are on the opposite team. If they do not fall and are left standing they are on the same team as you.

How do I hit enemies with eggs?

Hold down either the CTRL or TAB button, then click the grid space you want to fire at! You'll know you got a successful hit if your target falls to the floor, thus gaining your team a point! Friendly fire is not on, hitting your teammates will be a waste of eggs!

How many eggs do I have?

On the top right corner of your open game, you should have a bar graph with a big purple egg beside it - the number you see in that egg is how many eggs are in your possession at that moment in time. Usually, upon logging in you will see the number 5. You will notice as you throw eggs that number will change to reflect what you currently have.

I ran out of eggs, what do?

You will have to refill your eggs at your team's basket base by standing next to it and clicking the basket. If you would like an expandable pack of 10 eggs you may purchase those at the basket as well. Eggs will also automatically reload, slowly. So, if you’re impatient and ready to fight, the quickest way is through use of your base!

What is a basket base?

Each team has their own basket base. Team Chick will be pink, while Team Bunny will be yellow. At your basket base you can refill your egg ammo, or access your team’s shop by clicking the main part of your basket.

Team Chick Basket

Team Bunny Basket

Where can I find my team's basket base?

It will appear in a random public room, and respawn in a different one every 24 hours! Get searching!

What's in my basket shop?

You'll see a Egg Storage Upgrade, which you can buy to hold up to 10 eggs total, rather than 5! This upgrade will expire after 24 hours but may be purchased again. It is only optional to purchase the upgrade, you do not have to buy this to participate. You can also unlock things as a team but you will have to buy them with your own points earned rather than with credits!

Team Points

The points scored by each team are tallied up in the top right hand corner of the game, by hovering over the team’s bar (yellow for chicks and white for bunnies) you will be able to see each team’s total. The score is constantly being updated.

Can I use any magics while playing?

Dash, Drink Me, Turn Into Zombie, and Violet Magics will not be permitted to use while participating in the Egg Fight!


The Egg Fight is turned off in game lobbies and Fantasyland Courtyard

This will also be turned off during all events and parties.

This is turned off in Guest Rooms.

You may opt out of this by going to the settings tab in game - this cannot be undone! You will lose ability to participate, and will also forfeit any and all prizes and buyables throughout the month.


You may not use a clone to abuse this. Do not sit a clone of the opposite team in a room to sway the point system.

You may not let another player of the opposite team leave their avatar in a room to hit them to help their team. Please play fairly and do not abuse this.

Do not throw eggs in Epcot or Mickeys Courtyard while the Butterfly event is still going.

Instructions by: PROMO_Anna & PROMO_Oogie
Any Idea when this opt out will work?

You may opt out of this by going to the settings tab in game _ as of right now this option doesn't work!

Thank you,
Are there battles going on at certain times, like the snowball event? i can't get on often, cause of life, but i still want to have a good score for myself!
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