Christmas/Winter Furniture

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Christmas/Winter Furniture

ALR Present 3 x8
ALR Present 4 x13
Blizzard Beach Floaty x18
Blizzard Beach – Finish Line x10
Blizzard Beach Small Rock x15
Blizzard Beach Tall Rock x5
Brave Tarts x19
Candy Cane Green and White (and red stripes) (not on sale at store)
Candy Cane Magenta (HOST prize with bow, lights and snow)
Candy Cane Orange x2 (not on sale at store)
Candy Cane Red and Green x2 (not on sale at store)
Candy Cane Teal x2 (not on sale at store)
Candy Cane with Lights x4 (not on sale at store)
Christmas Candles x2
Christmas Crate Empty x6
Date Night Popcorn x4
Fantasy Snowman – Gloria x6
Gift Box Green x2
Gift Box Red
Gingerbread Bench x5
Gingerbread Cookie Tree x5
Holiday Skeleton at the Helm x7
Hong Kong Paper Lantern Green x10
Hong Kong Paper Lantern Red x10
Huntsman’s Heartless Hamper Red x5
Ice Block x10 (not in stores)
Ice Sculpture – Baby Sven
Jingle Cruise Crate Red – Open x73
Jingle Cruise Teleporter
Jolly Lolly x3
Master Gracey’s Frozen in Time Clock x2
Memory Orb – Anger (red) x60
Memory Orb – Disgust (green) x40
Memory Orb – Fear (purple) x30
Memory Orb – Forgotten (silver) x5
Memory Orb – Joy (yellow) x42
Memory Orb – Sadness (blue) x40
Mickey’s Party Carpet x8
Olaf’s Brother Otto
Pink Rock (POCK) x11
Rainbow Lollipop Tree Cyan x15
Red Surprise Gift x6 (Mickey jumps out)
Santa Pegasus Plush x4
Santa’s Little Helper
Small Mickey Snowman x7
Small Minnie Snowman x7
Snow Car x2
Snow Globe – Aurora x17
Snow Globe - BB-8 x2
Snow Globe – Cinderellas Christmas Castle x24
Snow Globe – Cursed x3
Snow Globe – Elsa x4
Snow Globe – Frozen Ship x19
Snow Globe – Gingerbread House x32
Snow Globe – Gloria x33
Snow Globe – I Want a Hippo For Christmas x24
Snow Globe – Nightmare Before Cjristmas x21
Snow Globe – Puppy Lady x12
Snow Globe – Rey x5
Snow Globe – The Santa Clause x4
Snowglobe – Gorilla x21
Snowglobe – Monkey x29
Snowglobe – Snake x26
Snowglobe – Zebra x26
Snowman Adults x6
Snowman Kids x6
Toy Soldier Purple x6
Toyko Disneyland Mickey Snowman x3
Toyko Disneyland Minnie Snowman x3
VMK Big Christmas Tree
Winter Dreams Crate – Unlocked x244
Yeti Ride Downhill x9
Yet Ride Uphill x27
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