CLOSE PLEASE, Trade made! <3

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Trading HeiHei hat for another Hide and seek hat! (I LOVE it but I now have 2 lol)
Not sure which one I am after now, but offer! (and describe it if you can't show me a pic because I'm not fantastic with the names just by looking at the staff pic :huh:)
Here's what the HeiHei hat looks like!
heihei hat.png heihei hat alone.png
:megaphone:ALSO, If you'd like to buy it with credits.. for the right price I'll sell it to you (;
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UPDATE: I found out I do NOT want the Boo hat (Pink visor with pigtails) and I have Perdita (dalmatian spotted)
I was offered another hat + 30k and another offer was 100k so those are the highest offers so far?
(I suck at this and am very indecisive I'm so annoying)
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