Giving away NEW Ice Staff from Dreams Events
Other things in this giveaway include Koda BP, Mickey Globe BP, Mickey Pretzel BP, Fireworks Enchantment, and Floating Lantern Enchantment, Boy Genie Outfit, Hades Outfit, Dante Outfit

This means there will be 9 Winners

To enter comment your IGN (In Game Name) down below and winners will be chosen through a random name chooser.

Edit: I will be busy tomorrow on Wednesday December 30th so the winners will be chosen on TODAY December 29th at 8:30PM EST I will close this thread at 8 PM EST so enter if you haven't already. Will also have a room if anyone wants to come watch at that time. This is all considering nothing comes up so if something does and I have to change the date I will post here.

Please NO clones. Obviously can't stop anyone from doing so but please make it fair for everyone!

Edit: If I have liked your comment then your name has been added to the wheel!
Also forgot to mention everyone can win one prize each and I will start with the lower tier prizes when I roll

Edit: Added more prizes ^
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