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Hey Guys!
Desperately want an Evil Queen Cape willing to trade the following:
  • Superhero Teal Shirt
  • Superhero Teal Pants
  • Superhero Mask
  • Superhero Shoes
  • Evil Queen Crown
  • Lilo's Dress Top
  • Lilo's Dress Bottom
  • Lilo's Flower Hat
  • Complete Darth Vader Outfit
  • Complete Storm Trooper Outfit
  • Complete Explorer's Red Jacket with Camera Outfit
  • Variety of Gumdrop Chairs (7)
  • Rainbow Lei
  • Mickey Ears Pumpkin
  • High Waited Shorts- Light Denim
  • Complete Marie Bathing Suit
  • Complete Ariel Bathing Suit
  • Mascara & Freckles

Might have a few other things if you want to look over it in trade!
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