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    Please answer the following 10 trivia questions between the hours of 5 PM EST and 10 PM EST today. Send your answers via private message to VMK_Oogie with your 10 answers to the questions along with your in game MyVMK username. To win the Social Media Trivia prize, you must answer at least 7/10 questions correctly. If you do correctly answer 7 or more of the questions, you will receive a message at a later time stating you have won and will be awarded the in game prize. If you do not answer 7 or more of the questions correctly, we will inform you that you did not reach the requirement of 7 correct answers. Please remember to include your MyVMK username in the initial private message to VMK_Oogie so we can award the prize properly.

    1) The Master of Master's bestowed leadership to 5 Keyblade Masters known as the Foretellers. Who are they?

    2) How do you unlock the yellow trinity in Kingdom Hearts 1?

    3) Who wrote, in 358/2, the secret report "Dreams, or Memories?"

    4) Who is the organization member you meet in Olympus Coliseum and Hollow Bastion?

    5) Who is in the Gullwing Trio?

    6) On what day out of the 358 days, was xion given her first sea salt icecream?

    7) On what date (Month, Day, Year) did the first Kingdom Hearts release?

    8) How old is Sora in Kingdom Hearts 1?

    9) If two people share a Paopu Fruit, their _____ become intertwined.

    10) Kairi is a Princess of ____.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.