CLOSED: Trading Golden Butterfly/Butterfly Magic

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Hey! Newbie here who got ~EXTREMELY~ lucky and caught a golden. I have NO idea what the value is but I know they are few and far between. I have all 5 colors so if you're looking for just the golden or to grab all 5 at once for the magic I'm willing to trade.

Throw some offers at me, I'm broke thanks to Gloria persuading me to invest in her net business. I'm not sure how much that flower hat costs but she has to have enough to buy at least 10 of them now!

Always interested in cool ears, Figment stuff, or Orange Bird related things as well.

Edit: Thank you everyone for the offers but I was able to make a trade. This was quite the way to meet the community, so many of you were so nice to someone just starting out, I'm excited to keep playing myVMK :)

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My offer with photos :)
1. Figment Shoulder Pet

2. Orange Bird Shoulder Pet

3. Full Figment Outfit (Hat and Sweater)

4. Figment 4 - Tshirt Pins (I have 4)

5. D23 Expo Pin - Figment

6. Figment Wings

7. Orange Bird Egg, I have multiples

In addition, you said you liked cool ears. Here are a few :)
8. Mickey Galaxy Ears

9. Paint the Night - Pearl

10. Paint the Night - Rainbow
I can also pay credits if everything isn't to your liking :)
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