Would you like to see credit bonuses and keys returned to single player HM?

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    Votes: 37 100.0%
  • No

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I honestly like HM since not everyone is good in JC or FW and it helps balance credits from other games since potc friendly and meanie easily make 300-500c depending if it’s double credit or not in less than a min or sometimes hard to find a group to play or even online and the only things to play solo FW and JC. I know some users have laptop and HM was perfect fit since u can use keyboard instead of your mouse and play solo and get credits which is a bummer bc some of the games in FW and JC will pay more solo than playing solo in HM. I know the credit bonus and keys helped so much playing solo since it adds up and fair compare to playing potc making 500/400c every min playing friendly, or 300 or so in battle which takes half the time playing HM. I played all solo games and it does stink you can’t get keys from HM or bonus solo and sometimes that how you rely on credits since there isn’t a large community playing games for potc, and not many ppl wanna play FW all day either and HM is a challenge solo since sometimes the opposite team ghost is overtaking the level and you are trying to avoid them to collect your ghost trying to get a decent amount in the game. I do miss trying to play a legit solo game and earning keys from it since it take 12-14min playing 2 full rounds in HM


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I didn't even know afk hm was a thing, if they are worried about people do that, then cannot a limit be put on the number of ghost you have to catch each round? I miss playing single hm, sometimes you just can't find anyone that wants to play or is on when your on
That is exactly what I'm suggesting. :) Just to have the same minimum ghost requirements as multiplayer so singleplayers can earn bonuses and keys as well.
I didn't know afk hm was even a thing. I had always assumed there was the limit of at least 25 ghosts a game like in the regular hm. I've never gone afk while playing hm, and never plan on it. I have a very short attention span, and waiting for people to play against just makes me log out of the game entirely instead of waiting around to see if anyone else wants to play. We play single player because it's usually a ghost town in HM (pun intended) because everyone else prefers the other mini games.
I most definitely would like to see the Credit Bonuses and Keys returned to solo Haunted Mansion. It is not always possible to find other players to play when it is good for me. Being able to play solo is good and not have to wait for others. When you play solo you can set your own schedule and know that you can benefit from playing. You must catch a certain number of ghosts to qualify for Win Bonus. Could the same requirement be in place in order to receive Keys? An honest effort must be made to get these and should be rewarded.