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If you want to know what an item looks like, type ::discordtrade in game and search the items name. Pictures of the item you searched will show up and you'll know before the trade if you want the items or not :) (I don't think it's fully updated so newer items might now be on there)​

1920s thomas o malley outfit
70s button up with belt blue
70s button up with belt orange
70s button up without belt blue
alfredo linquini full outfit
alice bathing suit full
ariel shirt
aurora winter skirt
aurora winter top
autumn boys full outfit
autumn girls full outfit
belle's winter skirt
belles winter shirt
belle's apron skirt
bellweather top
bumble bee full outfit
bride frankenstein full outfit
casual petal shirt
celebration dress + bottoms
celebration suit
cherry blossom dress
cherry blossom shoes
christmas suit green shirt + red pants
cinderella shirt
clopin full outfit + mask + hat
cowboy shirt grey
cowboy shirt red
cropped love heart hoodie lilac
cropped top pink
curtain dress full
darth maul shirt
dashiki purple
dashiki red
dashiki yellow
day and night tank sold 8k
deep sea diving full
demetri full
eeyore full
elsa shirt
esmerelda bathing suit full
esmerelda red skirt + top + gold headpiece
explorer overall full outfit
explorer green shirt without camera
explorer green shirt with camera
explorer tan shirt without camera
explorer tan shirt with camera
fairy terence full outfit (no acorn hat)
fairy vidia full outfit
football blue shorts
football blue jersey
football teal full outfit
hanukkah crop top
hanukkah long sleeve
haunted mansion white jacket
hawaiian aloha shirt
high waisted shorts dark denim
high waisted shorts green
holiday elf blue jacket + hat
jane yellow dress full outfit
jasmine shirt
joggers grey
jolly holiday full outfit
jolly holiday mary poppins full outfit
kairi kh2 skirt + top
kairi kh3 full outfit
khaki pants
king mickey swim trunks
kh crop top
kh tshirt
lab coat
mad hatter trunks
magician blue full outfit
magician red full outfit
merida shirt
mickey cloud crop top
mickey cloud tshirt
mission space green full outfit
moana shirt
mummy full outfit
na'vi river journey t-shirt
naveen's royal boots
nbc barrel shirt
nutcracker full outfit
ouat genie full outfit
orange bird bathing suit
organization 13 top & bottom
peggy carter full outfit
pirate girls boots
pirate jacket white
pirate jacket with vest
pirate pants boys
pirate pants girls red
pirate shoes boys
pirate elizabeth swan full outfit with vest + without vest
pride sandals 2020
pride shirt 2020
pride shorts 2020
prince ali full outfit
prince edward full
prince eric top
prince phillip top and bottoms
prince phillip winter boots
prince phillip winter pants
green princess full
white princess full
quasimodo swim trunks
rapunzel sweater
redhead dress full outfit
riku kh3 top + bottoms
sandals black
sandals brown
sarge full outfit
scarecrow full outfit
snow white bodice
soarin hoodie
sora prince full outfit
st patricks day shirt
stitch tank top
summer flower boys shirt
summer flower girls shirt
summer flower skirt
sunflower leggings
sunflower flats
super bowl jersey & helmet rams
super bowl jersey & helmet patriots
t-shirt bee
t-shirt giraffe
t-shirt leopard
t-shirt tiger
t-shirt zebra
tank top black
tank top white
tia dalma dress
thor top and pants
tiana shirt sold
tiana bodice
wings of life t-shirt
wings of life tank top
wdw sweatshirt - grey
workout leggings green
workout top blue 1
workout top blue 2
workout top pink 2
workout top green 1
workout top green 2

aqua wig
constance hatchaway hair blonde
frankenstein bride wig
frankenstein wig
halloweentown sora hair
kairi kh 3 wig
kairi kh 1 wig
larxene wig
marluxia wig
namine wig
old hollywood hair sold 10k
pig tail hair
riku wig
roxas wig
sora kh3 wig
xemnas wig
xigbar wig

seperate hats / ears
ariel minnie ears headband
barriss offee's hood
baseball cap bailey
baseball cap pride
bird hat
bucket hat flower
bucket hat purple
bucket hat yellow
breast cancer flip
cherry blossom hair pin
chewbacca beanie
dumbo hat
elliot hat
fall leaf crown
figaro ears
flower crown jumbo
football helmet blue
football helmet teal
general grevious helmet
goofy hat winter
green princess hat
grizzly river run hat
halloween witch hat
heartless hat
holiday elf blue hat
holiday wreath headband
janes hat
jingle hat green
jingle hat red
kh crown
kings crown
kitty ears
knit headband blue
lgbt aromantic ears
lgbt asexual ears
lgbt gay ears
lgbt genderfluid ears
lgbt transgender ears
lady ears headband
lumpy head pet
maleficent beanie
mickey bar ears headband
mickey ears - avenger
mickey ears classic
mickey ears metallic orange
mickey ears sora
mickey ears paint the night charcoal
mickey ears paint the night coral
mickey ears paint the night lime green
mickey ears pastel green
mickey ears pastel purple
mickey ears pastel yellow
mickey ears visor green
mickey ears visor orange
mickey waffle ears headband
minnie ears classic
minnie ears kairi
mouse ears
na'vi headband
organization hood
oswald ears
pirate bandana black
pirate scarf black
pleakly beanie
popcorn headband
pride ears 2020
pudge hat
puppy ears
ram horns
reindeer headband black nose
reindeer headband red now
rhino beanie
rocket raccoon hat
rose crown
sorcerer hat candy corn
sorcerer hat pink
squirt hat
test track cone hat
toy soldier hat
unicorn horn pink
unicorn horn purple
watermelon hair bow sold 8k
workout sweatband blue

masks / misc
autumn scarf
blustery day scarf
bumble bee wings
candy corn hair bow
candy corn bow tie
captain hook mask
elliot wings
eye of agamotto necklace
figment wings
hades mask
holdable rose
hypno goggles sold 10k
jack skeleton mask
love wins wand
maleficent mask
mickey pride backpack 2020
nbc barrel mask offer please
oogie mask
scar mask
scruffy beard
spider bowtie
tigger scarf
winnie the pooh shoulder buddy
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Hi! do you still have workout sweatband blue?


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how much for squirt hat, eeyore full , and moana shirt ? :D
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