Clothing (w/prices) for sale!

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Fairy Spirit
Selling some clothing! Post or PM if you're interested in anything :link:
Can also message me on discord: Nayru#7543
Pink stuff is rarer items! (out of stock atm) :Pokemon1:

Avengers Hoodie Black - 2k
Avengers Hoodie Red - 2k
Team Bunny Hoodie - 15k
Cowboy Grey Shirt - 3k
Cowboy Red Shirt - 3k
Cropped Love Heart Hoodie Lilac - 3k
Captain’s Jack Sparrow’s Black Vest - 2k
Deadpool Shirt - 5k
Dreams Tshirt Black - 3k
Hawaiian Aloha Shirt - 3k
Hela Shirt - 3k
Lab Coat - 2k
Mardi Gras Green Shirt Girls - 2k
Mardi Gras Green Shirt Boys - 2k
Mike Wazowski Shirt - 2k
Pirate Jacket Boys - 3k
Pirate Jacket White - 2k
Pirate Jacket with Vest White - 2k
White Tube Top - 2k
Purple Valentine’s Day Sweater - 5k
Red Valentine’s Day Sweater - 5k
Roo Crop Top - 3k
Shamrock Sweater - 3k
Sully Winter Sweater - 3k
Summer Flower Boys Shirt - 2k
Summer Flower Girls Shirt - 2k

T-shirt Captain America - 1k
T-shirt Deadpool - 1k

Captain Jack Sparrow’s Black Pants - 2k
Cowboy Black Pants - 5k
Galaxy Leggings - 4k
Hela Pants - 3k
Khaki Pants - 1k
King Mickey Swim Trunks - 2k
Loki Pants - 3k
Pirate Pants Boys - 2k
Pirate Pants Girls Red - 2k
Shamrock Leggings - 3k
Summer Flower Skirt - 2k

Ariel Mickey Ears Headband - 3k
Alien Mickey Ears - 4k
Bride Frankenstein Wig - 3k
Bucket Hat Pastel Purple - 2k
Bucket Hat Pastel Yellow - 2k
Bugs Life Antenna - 2k
Cockatiel Bird Hat - 3k
Cowboy Brown Hat - 3k
Deer Antlers - 2k
Destiny Island Ears - 10k
Dumbo Hat (releases) - 4k
Figaro Hat - 3k
Fisherman’s Cap Black - 2k
Headband Blue - 2k
Headband Pink - 2k
Headband Red - 2k
Headband White - 2k
Heart Crown Pink - 2k
Hela Headpiece - 4k
Kitty Ears - 3k
Mickey Bar Ears Headband - 3k
Mickey Ears Baseball Cap - 3k
Mickey Ears Metallic Blue - 3k
Mickey Ears Metallic Orange - 3k
Mickey Ears Metallic Purple -3k
Mickey Ears Pastel Green - 3k
Mickey Ears Pastel Purple - 3k
Mickey Ears Pastel Yellow - 3k
Mickey Ears Waffle Headband - 2k
Mickey Ears Visor Green - 3k
Mickey Ears Visor Orange - 3k
Mickey Ears Visor Pride - 2k
Mike Wazowski Hat - 5k
Minnie Ears Baseball Cap - 3k
Minnie Ears Polka Dot Red - 5k

Moon Bobbles - 3k
Pirate Scarf Black - 1k
Pirate Bandana Black - 2k
Pirate Bandana Red - 3k
Pirate Hat with Parrot - 4k
Pooh Bear Beanie - 3k
Pride Baseball Cap - 2k
Pride Bow - 3k
Pride Cape - 4k
Pride Duffy Beanie - 3k
Princess Atta Tiara - 1k

Pudge Hat - 2k
Sully Winter Beanie - 5k
Toy Story Bunny Hat - 3k
Tree Nymph King Crown - 2k

Tree Nymph King Crown w/ Moss - 2k
Watermelon Hair Bow - 2k

Blue Flats - 2k
Bunny Slippers Blue - 3k
Bunny Slippers Purple - 3k
Crocs (crocodile shoes) - 3k
Crocs Pride - 2k
Native American Boots - 2k

Pirate Elizabeth Swann Boots - 2k
Pirate Shoes Boys - 2k
Pirate Girls Boots Brown - 2k
Pirate Girls Boots Black - 2k
Red Flats - 2k
Spider Gwen Shoes - 2k

Blustery Day Scarf - 3k
Bowtie Pride - 2k
Captain America’s Shield - 6k

Cyclops Visor - 4k
Madam Mim Wings - 2k
Morph Floating Buddy - 2k
Scarlet Witch Jacket - 7k
Spider Bowtie - 1k
Thor Cape - 7k

Full Outfits
Anastasia Outfit (crown, top, skirt, shoes) - 6k
Bo Peep Outfit (top, bottoms) - 4k

Bride Frankenstein Outfit (veil, top, skirt, shoes) - 6k
Cruella De Vil Outfit (jacket, top, skirt, shoes) - 6k
Deep Sea Diving (Helmet, Jacket, Trousers, Boots) - 5k
Demitri Suit (top, pants, shoes) - 4k
Eilonwy (Shirt, Skirt) - 5k
Fairy Fauna Outfit (top, bottom, shoes) - 4k
Fairy Silvermist Outfit (top & bottom) - 3k
Fairy Terence Outfit (hat, top, bottom, shoes) - 4k
Fairy Tinkerbell Forest Outfit (top, bottom, shoes) - 4k
Fairy Vidia Outfit (top, bottom, shoes) - 4k
Haunted Mansion Outfit Black (top, bottoms, shoes) - 7k
Haunted Mansion Outfit Pink (top, bottom, shoes)- 5k
Heart T-Shirt & Boxers Outfit (top & bottom) - 2k
Lilo’s Dress (top, skirt) - 4k
Magician Blue Boys Outfit (hat, top, bottom, shoes) - 6k
Magician Blue Girls Outfit (hat, top, bottom, shoes) - 6k
Magician Red Boys Outfit (hat, top, bottom, shoes) - 6k
Magician Red Girls Outfit (hat, top, bottom, shoes)- 6k
Mission Space Black (helmet, top, bottom, shoes) - 8k
Okoye Outfit (top, pants, shoes) - 6k
OUAT Genie outfit (top, pants) - 3k
Pinocchio (hat, top, bottoms) - 5k
Prince Edward Outfit (top, bottom) - 3k

Princess Black Outfit (hat, top, bottom, shoes) - 6k
Princess White Outfit (top, bottom, shoes) - 5k
Pink T-Shirt Dress Outfit (top & bottom) - 2k
Sarge Outfit (hat, top, pants, shoes) - 3k
Sorcerer Outfit (top, pants) - 3k
Spider Gwen Outfit (Mask, top, pants, shoes) - 6k
Spiderman Outfit (Mask, top, pants, shoes) - 6k
Scarlet Witch Outfit (top, pants, shoes) - 6k
Thor Outfit (top, pants, shoes) - 6k
Tree Nymph King Outfit (pants and shirt) - 3k
Wilderness Explorer Outfit (hat, top, shorts, shoes) - 6k
Woody Outfit (Hat, top, pants, shoes) - 5k
Zenon Outfit (top, pants, shoes - no hair) - 6k
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Happily Engaged <3
Ice cream bar headband 3k please? If you still have

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