COMPLETED: Animal Tsum Tsum List (Blind Bag 8)


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Hi all! To make things easier for people who are looking for all the new animal tsums I decided to make a master list. According to staff, they will be available until the end of the month (September 2018). A big thank you to everyone who contributed to the list!

Ways to win the Blind Bag:
1) Jungle Cruise: Score 75000 points over multiple games. Points do not carry over towards your next bag once you hit 75000 points!
2) Haunted Mansion: Catch 160 ghosts over multiple games.
3) Pirates: Score 1500 points over multiple games.
4) Fireworks: Score 8500 points over multiple games.

Master List (27 total):
Abu from Aladdin (Rare, outlined in silver)
Dinah from Alice in Wonderland
Dormouse from Alice in Wonderland
Dug from Up
Dumbo from Dumbo (Rare, outlined in gold)
Ed from the Lion King
Flash from Zootopia (Rare, outlined in gold)
Flit from Pocahontas
Flounder from the Little Mermaid
Flower from Bambi (Rare, outlined in silver)
Jiminy Cricket from Pinocchio
Kevin from Up (Rare, outlined in silver)
Koda from Brother Bear
Maximus from Rapunzel (Rare, outlined in silver)
Meeko from Pocahontas
Mushu from Mulan (Rare, outlined in silver)
Nala from the Lion King (Rare, outlined in silver)
Nemo from Finding Nemo
Pascal from Rapunzel (Rare, pin changes colors)
Perdita from 101 Dalmatians (Rare, outlined in silver)
Pumba from the Lion King
Rafiki from the Lion King
Rajah from Aladdin
Scar from the Lion King
(Rare, outlined in gold)
Simba from the Lion King (Rare, outlined in silver)
Squirt from Finding Nemo
Timon from the Lion King

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Meeko from Pocohantas, pumba - lion king, flash - zootopia

here is a pic of ED

[DOUBLEPOST=1536247112][/DOUBLEPOST]btw dormouse isnt from cinderella he's from alice in wonderland. he sleeps in the Hatter's teacup
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There’s a scar pin. I saw Nala wearing it. It’s probably rare as well.
Also, if anyone would like to include how many points per mini-game are required to win a Blind Bag, please let me know and I can include it in the first post! (haven't had time to try all of them yet!)