Comprehensive MyVMK 101/Basics, Tips, and Tricks for New Players!

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Hello there! If you’re reading this welcome/welcome back to MyVMK! It may have been a while and you aren’t sure how to get started or what’s going on, and there are some slight differences to VMK and MyVMK. This post is here to help answer frequently asked questions by new players and provide as a resource to anyone who needs it. If there’s anything else you’d like me to add to this post or something that needs correcting, please let me know!

(also unsure if I should have this here in General or place in Help? Let me know if I should move this post)


If you’re just starting out with a new account or have suggested a name-change, you will temporarily have a name of guest with a bunch of numbers following. Names must be approved by staff and you will have a guest username until this has happened. The time varies, it can be nearly instantaneous and within the first few hours, or it may take a few days. It also may happen whilst you’re online, which is always a fun surprise!

Weekly Shop Specials

Permanent items can be found within the “shop” tab for any store and will always be available. However, each month, special items that are available for only one week (updating every 1st, 8th, 15th, and 22nd of each month). The shop location of these specials changes monthly, and the specials can be found in the “specials” page of the “shop” tab. You must be inside the current specials shop to be able to see the specials for sale, otherwise nothing will show up. More information can be found on the newsletter, found at the top of the homepage. It should list the location of the shop, as well as what's in store, and much more useful info for the month!


There are a variety of different minigames within the game. Pirates of the Caribbean (POTC), Haunted Mansion (HM), Jungle Cruise photo game (JC), and the Fireworks game are the main four. There are mini-minigames which award a small amount of credits including playing your music mixes in the dance lobby and collecting trophies and shells in Tomorrowland. Checkers has also recently been added, and awards 500 credits to the winning person.

Double Credit Weekends

Every Saturday (starting midnight MyVMK time) and Sunday, (ending midnight) all minigames become double credits! This is a great time to grind and help boost your bank and get those special shop releases :)

Keys and Chests

Playing POTC and HM can award you not only a delicious pile of credits but also some shiny pirate keys! These keys come in bronze, silver, or gold and are used to attempt pulls at their respective chests inside the Treasure Room for the monthly prizes. To use them, equip to your lanyard, open your magic (wand) tab, and double click the keys while standing next to the chest. The Treasure Room is not on map, accessible by entering the POTC lobby and walking to the exit on the left. This is the room for keys both from POTC and HM, as they’re the same keys. These, likes SITS, if failed earn you some ash to sell back for 50 credits each.

Changing your in-game signature

To update your signature, type !s then your signature (with a space separating the !s and your sig), hit the enter button, and re-enter the room you’re in. So an example would be “!s Glad to be back on VMK!”

Permanent Quests

There are 3 permanent quests that award the player with a one star magic! These quests are the diving quest, driving quest (then license), and lastly the space suit quest! These quests /must/ be done in that very order, as each following quest requires the prior’s magic to complete it. These quests are also only startable in their respective quest rooms located in Tomorrowland. Diving starts in the Captain’s Quest Quarters, Driving and license is in the Autopia Quest Track, and Space Suit is the Space Mountain Quest Deck. Once in these rooms, click the yellow “Q” button and begin your first quest! After your driving quest (2nd quest) you need to gain your license in order to start the Space Suit quest. To do so, activate your car magic in the Autopia Quest Tracks and drive inside the tracks to collect 15 (I believe it’s 15?) gas cans. Your magic will likely run out before all is collected, just wait for the cooldown and reactivate it to pick up the rest. These magics can be used for the shell and gas/trophy collecting minigames, as well as gaining access to the shrink ray and Inner-Space Shop (not accessible via maps!). There are additional occasional limited-time quests, keep an eye out!


There are currently 6 active NPCS (non-playable characters, such as the Yeti) that you are able to say a quick hello to every 12 hours and gain a pin as well as some credits! To receive your pin and credits, double click on the NPCs. You can either explore and discover them on your own, or if you’d like to know where they are I’ll list them and their locations in this spoiler tab below.

Esmeralda – Emporium, Main Street
Waiter Gator – Blue Bayou, New Orleans
Yeti – Matterhorn, Fantasyland
Dragon – Dungeon, Fantasyland
Blackbeard – Pirate Treehouse, Adventureland
Shrunken Ned – Shrunken Ned’s, Adventureland

Off-map/Secret Rooms

This like the one above may be considered a bit of a spoiler-y topic, and it’s totally up to you on if you want to find these rooms on your own over time, if not though here’s a handy list of rooms that need to be walked to. These do include monorail locations as well as shops though, which I’ll all put up first in the list.
Monorail Station locations:

Main Street – Enter Esplanade, take the exit in the bottom center/right
Fantasyland – Dungeon, take the exit center-right of screen, just above the dragon’s head
Adventureland – Forbidden Temple, take the exit inside the stone skull
Tomorrowland – Tomorrowland Hub, take the 3rd stitch teleporter (the very right one) with the monorail sign above it
Frontierland – Honestly I can’t remember this one at the moment
New Orleans – New Orleans Square, take the exit center screen behind the Blue Bayou

Monorail info: Currently the monorail is able to be boarded, but is currently invisible/glitched to where you don’t know when it’s at the station or not. The entrance is above the desk in the monorail station. If it gives you a “cannot enter room” error, keep trying until you can board.

Shrink Ray & Inner-Space Shop, Tomorrowland (Requires space suit magic) - Start in Space Mountain Quest Deck, use the righthand door to space on the first floor (it’s one open space-door of two) to be taken to the launch deck of the inner-space ray. Equip space magic, activate, and float to the exit at the shrink ray itself. Once in, float to the rocket exit, and you should be inside the shop!

Spell Room, Fantasyland - Dungeon, take the exit on the right, just above the wooden stairs
Discovery Island, Adventureland – Pirate's Treehouse, walk that plank ya scurvy dog!!
Treasure Room, Adventureland – POTC game lobby, walk to the exit on the left side of the screen
Waterpark pool – Search for a blizzard beach guest room that’s not locked, enter the room, walk on the exit plot, and don your swimwear!
Inside Thunder Mountain/On Top of Tom Sawyer’s Island – Entering the caves are easy, navigating is the tricky part!

Fantasyland Courtyard Rides/SITS

Located in the Fantasyland Courtyard in Fantasyland (almost always referred to as the FLC), awaits two themed rides as well as a mysterious and alluring stone centered between them. These fun little rides last 3 minutes each, and every 3rd ride award the player with a single-use Sword in the Stone (referred to as SITS) pin. These pins can be used to attempt the wonderous feat of retrieving the magnificent sword from its stony prison! If you are successful, you receive 1 of the 6 monthly SITS pins! There are always 4 common pins, 1 rare, and 1 ultra rare pin to pull each month. If you fail, you receive a pile of ash, which can be sold back for 50c. To attempt a sword pull, open up your inventory, go to pins, find your single use SITs pin, and equip it. Walk up to the sword, open up your magic tab (which is the wand icon), double click your pin, and let the sword judge you worthy of beholding it or not!


Each month there are events constantly added to the website’s events/calendar page. There are typically a few different “type” of events hosted. The main events are Dreams/Screams, Hide and Seek(HnS), maze games, race games, pin/furni trading, trivia, and ride-a-thons. Most events are hosted in a guest room except for Dreams and HnS, which are throughout all public rooms in the kingdom. There are winning prizes, losing prizes, as well as a waiting queue line prize for those who didn’t get in (tip though to hop in line near end of event for the consolidation prize). There are usually details and instructions on the event page, and staff goes over instructions once inside the rooms.


  • !s (signature) = signature change command, re-enter room to fully change the signature
  • !roll (x) = Randomly roll a number between 1 and (x = nearly any number). Useful for games such as DHTF!
  • !sniff (username) = Sniff’s the person chosen! Fun for random times or waiting on events
  • Afk = when said in any sentence, it will put up the emoticon above your avatar’s head until you move or speak again
  • Holding shift down, clicking sell button = When you are in your inventory and hold the shift key down, it changes the “sell” option on your items to “Sell ALL” which is incredibly useful for selling back ash
Link to comprehensive command list :)
VMK and General Game Lingo/Terminology/Acronyms

  • FLC = Fantasyland Courtyard in Fantasyland (this is the public room many people socialize, trade, ride the rides, and hang out during events. If you’re new, come here to make some friends!)
  • NPC = Non-playable character, as in the 6 NPCs (such as the Yeti) around the kingdom, clickable for credits every 12 hours.
  • Inv = Inventory
  • TP/TPs/TPing = Teleport, as in using the teleporters or teleporting/following a friend to a specific room
  • DC/DCd = Disconnect/disconnected
  • GG = Good game
  • GL = Good luck
  • OG = Original
  • AFK = Away from keyboard (if typed it will also put up the sign above your avatar. Handy!)
  • Cred/c/k/m = Credits. An example of c would be “500c”. The k following numbers is a thousand, aka 2k = 2,000. An m/mil following means million
  • LF = Looking for
  • FS = For sale
  • Auction = A guest room wherein an item auction occurs amongst players
  • Retired = An item that is no longer available nor will be for the foreseeable future
  • SITs = Sword in the Stone, the single-use sword pull attempt pins that are gained from the FLC rides
  • POTC = Pirates of the Caribbean game
  • hm = How much(does this item cost)? (lower case)
  • HM = Haunted Mansion game (upper case)
  • JC = Jungle Cruise game
  • Spamming = A method in HM where players “spam shift” in front of coffins to spawn many ghosts
  • Friendly/friendlies = A POTC term meaning a game that both parties agree to take turns winning as to help earn keys and/or credits, aka non-competitive/friendly
  • CtF = Capture the Flag in the POTC game
  • C/UC/R/UR = Common, uncommon, rare, ultra rare, aka the rarity or value of an item. May be its general value based on factors like age or availability/amount in circulation, or refer to a static value placement based on odds (such as for SITS pins, chest pulls, crate prizes)
  • DHTF = Don’t Hit The Floor! A popular guest room game
  • CoB = Cute or Boot, another guest room game
  • Boot = The action taken by a guest room owner to “kick” or remove a specific player from their room.
  • Q = a line queue for a public or guest room or for a host event. Rooms have a maximum of 25 people unless temporarily changed by staff for an event. Depending on context may also mean a question.
  • A Pull = a pull refers to using a single use chance from SITs pins or pirate/chest keys. Some use it to refer to using them in general (“I pulled 20 keys just then, no luck on the rare”) but it’s mostly refered to “pulling” the prize itself (“I just pulled a rare prize from the chest!”)
  • Clone = An alternative player account/avatar. They are not completely banned and up to one extra account is currently allowed, however their uses and rules are extremely limited and it’s critical to scan over the current rules regarding them before starting one up. Most allowed uses are for room building, themed room interaction, item storage, and under-the-radar/anti-social playing time.
  • Dbl cred/2x cred = Double credit minigame weekends (being every Saturday and Sunday)
  • HnS = Hide and Seek, a referring to a host event that occurs throughout the kingdom wherein players try to find staff members hidden
  • Furni = Furniture
  • Dreams/Screams = A host event in random public rooms of 5 or more players where a random person is selected to spin a wheel and possibly receive a prize or be “punished” (usually a special effect lasting 2 hours)
  • Dupe/dupes = Duplicate(s), as in having more than one of an item

Some Misc. Info:
  • Room pins/rooms - Room pins are actual guest rooms that have been exchanged for a temporary pin that can be worn on your lanyard or easily traded between players. Rooms can be exchanged for the room pin and back into the room however many times you need! To exchange a pin for a room, find the pin in your inventory under pins, click it, and there should now be a "claim" button to turn it into the room! To turn a room into a room pin, go to guest room list, your guest rooms, click the room you want to exchange, and there is a red "exchange" button on the bottom right.
  • Blank pins - For lanyard decoration, there are blank/invisible pins that are purchased from the Main Street Magic Shop under pins. It may seem like nothing is there but if you click on the first blank box in the list, it should show the blank pin for sell for 100c.
  • Combining magics - If you have more than one of the same magic, they can be combined to gain a higher star version of that magic, up to 5! The benefits of higher star magic is a smaller cooldown period between uses and a longer duration of being active, depending on the magic. To combine say two one stars, find your magic in your inventory, click one of the stars, hit combine, and click the 2nd magic. These magics are NOT able to be degraded/split back into lower stars, so make sure you want to do this first!
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this is a great idea!
i would suggest an addition to "weekly shop specials"
maybe add in somewhere that more information can be found on the newsletter, found at the top of the homepage
that will give them the location to shop, as well as what's in store :)

Mx. Ryden

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this is a great idea!
i would suggest an addition to "weekly shop specials"
maybe add in somewhere that more information can be found on the newsletter, found at the top of the homepage
that will give them the location to shop, as well as what's in store :)

Ahh yes I pumped this out in one sitting I totally forgot to mention the newsletter, haha! Thanks I'll update soon :D
Super awesome guide! I wish I'd known about it when I first started lol! Just a suggestion: since there are no longer double credits every weekend, maybe it should be changed?


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Can we get a guide to the "secret shop" (the special clickable object in Small World Imports)? I haven't the foggiest idea how to get started with that!


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Are you referring to the crate points store?
It's a fairly newer feature. You redeem the points you get from crates (when there are crates for sale that month) for items in that shop. The idea is you can pick your common items with your points instead of getting a bunch of the same common items you might not want.
There are no crates this month so unless you still have points it is useless :/


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This list is awesome. One thing, there is a 7th npc that you can visit as well.
Presto- Magic Shop / Main Street (click on the top hat near the stack of boxes in the center of the room)