Corrupt a Wish


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Granted, but as soon as you shoot through the rabbit hole, the Queen of Hearts strikes your noggin with a flamingo mallet.

I wish I could drive a flying jalopy straight out of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.
Granted, but then Carrie stands in front of you dripping in pigs' blood and cracks the road beneath you causing your pretty little flying jalopy to fall into the unknown depths of Earth.

I wish Peter Pan would show up at my window tonight to take me to Neverland.


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Granted, but on your way to Neverland you both crash into a building because Peter doesn't know his left from his right.

I wish i knew the meaning of life.
Granted, but the villains became real too and they're trying to take over the world!

I wish Disney would just slow down on Frozen stuff...


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Granted; the Haunted Mansion. 999 ghosts make for horrible roommates.

I wish I could have the Ticket Oak from the Stubhub commercials.