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In an effort to cater to you, the players, we as designers want to hear your opinions!
We love making things for you to enjoy, and we want to broaden our own ideas with
items you may want to see in the future. If you have a suggestion for an item, month
that you may want to see, clothing you may want to wear, pins you'd just die to have...

Please reply to this thread with any ideas you may have, and
we will do our very best to be open minded and incorporate them.


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I would love to see some sort of spawning crate as we are all stuck inside and it would give us something to do and help us get into public rooms for socializing. Was always my favorite part of spawning crates.
I'd like to see a "Throwback Thursday" event (or month) where old content is re-released. It could be the 2nd Thursday of every month where old content is given out as specials in stores or a quest. The old content would have to relate to the theme of the current month. I think it would be nice to give a chance to VMKers who joined late to be able to obtain old magics, clothing and furniture that was released in previous years.
Hey! I have an idea to spice up Sword in the Stone:

1. Make the rare/ultra rare pins a little easier to get. For the past two months I have been riding the sits often and haven't gotten any! It's pretty discouraging not to be able to get a full set of pins with some effort.
2. The standard credit prize should be 1000 credits, not 250 credits, as that is about how much a pin is worth. 250 credits seems not very much for a prize...and a disappointing prize at that.
3. To add some real fun, have a rare 10,000 credit prize thrown in there (you never know when you are going to get it, like the gold shell in Captain's Quest Quarters).

Those are my ideas :)