DapperChandler's Trades (not up-to-date, please check Discord for complete list <3)

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(This thread is not up-to-date, please check Discord for complete list <3 Look for the thread called #DapperTrader)

If you want to meet up, please message me on discord if possible! DapperChandler #9752

Unless you happen to run into me in the game and can do a quick trade (or can coordinate a quick trade via discord), the minimum amount for a sale is 1k.

See some outfit photos at this link.

Anna Bathing Suit (top and bottom) (2k)
2x Anne Wheeler (top, bottom) (2k)
2x Ariel Bathing Suit (top and bottom) (2k)
Audrey (top, pants, hat, boots) (4k)
2x Blood Red Victorian dress (2k)
Briar Rose (headband, top, skirt) (4k)
Celebration suit (Mickey) (top, pants, celebration hat) (5k)
Chief Powhatan (cape, crown, staff) (45k)
2x Christmas ballerina (barrette, top, skirt) (10k)
Designer Male Cruella outfit (cape, top, pants, shoes) (10k)
Esmeralda (top, skirt) (3k)
French maid (headpiece, dress, tights, heels) (35k)
Gaston (shirt, pants) (3k)
Gingerbread baker set (hat + apron) (10k)
Halloween Daisy (princess hat, dress, shoes) (4k)
Kimono - Black (top, skirt) (2k)
Kimono - White (top, skirt) (2k)
Las Flores (top, bottoms, flower hair pin, shoes) (4k)
Little red riding hood (top, skirt, shoes, cape, hood) (6k)
Perdita Bathing Suit (top and bottom) (2k)
Prince Edward (top and pants) (2k)
Prince Philip green outfit (jacket, pants, shoes) (3k)
PT Barnum (jacket, top, pants) (3k)
Phoebus (top, pants) (2k)
Sally Slater (top, skirt, shoes) (5k)
Scarlet Witch Costume (headpiece, top, tights, cape, boots) (5k)
2x Snow White Bathing Suit (top and bottom) (2k)
Tiana Bathing Suit (top and bottom) (2k)
Vision costume (headpiece, top, bottoms, cape, boots) (5k)
Wetsuit blue (Girl top, pants, flippers) (2k)
Wetsuit green (Girl top, pants, flippers) (2k)
Wetsuit purple (Girl top, pants, flippers) (2k)
Zombie Mickey (gloves, shoes, shorts) (4k)
Zombie Minnie (bow, dress, shoes) (4k)

3D Glasses - Muppet VIsion 3D (1k)
Antelope Horns (2k)
Aquas Shoes (5k)
Ariel Bathing Suit Bottom (1k)
Aurora Winter Top (2k)
Babydoll Dress Black (1k)
Backpack - Kermit (5k)
Backpack - Knife (5k)
Beaver tail (3k)
Black & White dress - Top (3k)
Black & White dress - Top (Inverse) (3k)
Bucket Hat Pastel Purple (2k)
Candy Corn - Black Top (15k)
Candy Corn - White Top (15k)
Cape - Sheer Pink (8k)
Cherry blossom hair pin (2k)
Christmas Cardigan - Green (2k)
Christmas Red & White dress (3k)
Conch shell hat (3k)
Cross Body Bag - Steamboat Willie (8k)
6x Cruella mask (1k)
Darker low ponytail hairstyle (3k)
Deer Skull Mask (5k)
Dia de los Muertos - Half Face Makeup (10k)
Dia de los Muertos Ears (10k)
Dia de los Muertos sombrero (5k)
Elsa Van Helsing Hair (3k)
Ethan Craft's Waves hairstyle (1k)
Festive sunglasses (2k)
Fozzie's Big Floppy Bowtie (1k)
Gonzo mask (8k)
Genie hair - boys (3k)
Genie pants - boys (3k)
Hawaiian tiki shirt (2k)
Hanukkah beanie (15k)
3x High waisted shorts - green (2k)
Holdable Caramel Apple (6k)
2x Holdable plush Maleficent (3k)
7x Holiday Suit Jacket (500c)
Holiday suit pants (500c)
Holographic sunglasses (2k)
Hoodie - Avengers Red (2k)
2x Hoop Earrings - Silver (3k)
Jackson Storm Race Shirt (1k)
Jim Henson headband (1k)
Kwanzaa Red, Green, & Black shirt (1k)
2x Lanyard - Haunted Mansion (3k)
Life Jacket - Neon green (1k)
Life Jacket - Red (1k)
6x Life Jacket - Royal Gramma (purple and yellow) (3k)
Long Wavy Hair (3k)
Lost boy hood - Cubby (2k)
Lost boy hood - Nibs (2k)
Makeup - blushing hearts pink (3k)
Makeup - Holiday Blue (3k)
Makeup - Holiday Green & Red (3k)
Makeup - Mascara & Blush (3k)
Makeup - Zombie (2k)
2x Mandelino Slug (500c)
5x Merlin's talisman (1k)
Mickey shake (3k)
Miss Piggy's Feather Boa (2k)
2x Mistletoe hat (3k)
Mythic hair 7 (3k)
Mythic har 8 (3k)
2x Natural curls hairstyle (3k)
Naveen's Royal boots (1k)
3x Na'vi River Journey T-Shirt (1k)
Nick Wilde Shirt With Tie (5k)
OUAT Genie pants (3k)
Pamelia Perkins top (5k)
Pastel Skirt - Baby Pink (4k)
Pirate Girls Boots Black (1k)
2x Plaid vest (1k)
Polar Bear Onesie Hood (500c)
Polar Bear Onesie Shoes (500c)
Polar Bear Onesie Top (500c)
Pride 2020 Hair with Piercings (2k)
Pride Shorts 2020 (1k)
Prince Phillip winter pants (1.5k)
Ram horns (1k)
Rapunzel sweater (from Wreck-it-Ralph 2) (3k)
Retro crop tank top (3k)
Retro muscle tank (3k)
4x Sarge Pants (500c)
4x Sarge Shirt (500c)
Shorts - Black & White (3k)
Snow White Bathing Suit Bottom (1k)
3x Storybook Circus - Astounding Donaldo's Snake Charming Hat (3k)
Storybook Circus - Great Goofini's Helmet (45k)
6x Storybook Circus - Madame Daisy Fortuna's Head Scarf (3k)
2x Summer flow girl hair (3k)
5x Sunflower leggings (1k)
Tail - Peacock (10k)
2x Tank Top - black (2k)
2x Tank Top - white (2k)
2x Test Track Cone Hat (2k)
The Corn Belt (3k)
T-Shirt - Dumbo (1k)
T-Shirt - Na'vi River Journey (1k)
2x Trick or treat bag - candy cauldron (3k)
Trick or treat bag - Mickey ghost (3k)
2x Trick or treat bag - Minnie pumpkin (3k)
Two-toned sweater - Pink and Blue (1k)
Two-toned sweater - Purple and Green (1k)
Vampire fangs (500c)
Wide Brim hat - Dusty Pink (1k)
Wide Brim hat - Purple (1k)
Winter cropped turtleneck - white (1k)
Z-O-M-B-I-E-S jacket - green (7k)
Z-O-M-B-I-E-S jacket - pink (7k)

Sometimes I add pins that I have multiples of as quest prizes and I don’t always update this list, so just ask about amounts if you want more than one!

2x Amuck in the Kingdom - Black Flame Candle (500c)
3x Amuck in the Kingdom - Mary (500c)
3x Amuck in the Kingdom - Sarah (500c)
6x Amuck in the Kingdom - Winifred (500c)
2x Celebration Diamond - Donald Duck (1k)
Celebration Diamond - Mickey Mouse (1k)
3x Celebration Diamond - Minnie Mouse (1k)
Celebration Diamond - Mr. Toad (1k)
Classic Mickey and Minnie 3/5 (1k)
Clowning Around set (Chip, Dale, Figment, Mickey, Minnie (150k)
CNY - Dale (3k)
EPCOT Icons - Communicore (500c)
2x EPCOT Icons - EPCOT Forever (500c)
5x EPCOT Icons - Fountains (500c)
3x EPCOT Icons - Geometric (500c)
4x EPCOT Icons - Mission Space (500c)
EPCOT Icons - Universe of Energy (500c)
EPCOT Icons - Wonders of Life (500c)
Expedition Everest pin (2k)
Fathers Day 2018 (Guardians of the Galaxy) (1k)
Fathers Day 2021 (Groot) (1k)
Festival of Fantasy - Pluto (1k)
Festival of Fools pin (1k)
Flower Portrait - Esmeralda (1k)
Flower Portrait - Pocahontas (1k)
4x Fun Festivities - Dumbo (500c)
Fun Festivities - Princess and the Frog (500c)
4x Fun Festivities - The Hunchback of Notre Dame (500c)
3x Fun Festivities - Toy Story 4 (500c)
3x Fun in the Sun - Ice Cream Man (500c)
Fun in the Sun - Lilo (500c)
2x Hamm (1k)
Hanukkah - 2019 (2k)
Heroes Profile - Hiro Hamada (1k)
Heroes Profile - Phoebus (1k)
Heroes Profile - Quasimodo (1k)
Heroines Profile - Esmeralda (1k)
Heroines Profile - Madellaine (1k)
Heroines Profile - Vixey (1k)
2x Holiday - Aurora (1k)
Holiday - Cinderella (1k)
3x Holiday - Jasmine (1k)
3x Holiday - Snow White (1k)
3x Holiday - Donald (1k)
3x Holiday - Pluto (1k)
4x Holiday Bells - Alice (500c)
5x Holiday Bells - Chip & Dale (500c)
Holiday Bells - Dumbo (1k)
Holiday Bells - Goofy (1k)
5x Holiday Bells - Mickey & Minnie I (500c)
4x Holiday Bells - Mickey & Minnie II (500c)
2x Holiday Bells - Mickey & Minnie III (500c)
3x Holiday Bells - Mowgli & Baloo (500c)
4x Holiday Bells - Pirate Mickey (500c)
6x Holiday Bells - Pua & Moana (500c)
Holiday Bells - Santa Goofy (500c)
3x Holiday Bells - Thumper & Bambi (1k)
5x Holiday Bells - Woody & Bo Peep (500c)
Holiday Dreidel pin (1k)
Horses - Cyril Proudbottom (1k)
Horses - Frou Frou (1k)
Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Day pin (1k)
2x Little Green Men - Anger (1k)
Lady and the Tramp 07 of 15 (500c)
Marvel Emoji - Bucky (1k)
Marvel Emoji - Dr. Strange (1k)
Marvel Emoji - Falcon (1k)
Marvel Emoji - Hawkeye (1k)
Marvel Emoji - Loki (1k)
Marvel Emoji - Scarlet Witch (1k)
Marvel Emoji - Thor (1k)
Marvel Emoji - Vision (1k)
Marvel Mickey- Captain America (2k)
Marvel Mickey - Dr. Strange (2k)
Marvel Mickey- Iron Man (2k)
Marvel Mickey - Spiderman (2k)
Marvel Mickey - Thor (2k)
Merriest Nights set (Arendelle, Buzz Lightyear, Frozen, Lilo, Mickey, Miguel) (40k)
Mr. Toad's Taxi Service (1k)
Muppet Stars full set (25k)
Pavilion - Canada (1k)
Pavilion - China (1k)
Pavilion - United Kingdom (1k)
Pavilion - United States (1k)
Pirate Ship Silhouettes - HMS Interceptor (1k)
Pirate Ship Silhouettes - The Empress (1k)
Pirate Ship Silhouettes - Wicked Winch (1k)
Portrait - Ariel (2k)
Portrait - Moana (2k)
2x Princes - Eric (1k)
Robin Hood & Maid Marion (1k)
Robot - Donald (500c)
Robot - Mickey (500c)
Robot - Stitch (500c)
2x Royal Princess Aurora and Prince Phillip (1k)
Saber - Kylo Ren (1k)
Saber - Rey (1k)
Scat Cat pin (2k)
Season - Summer Belle (2k)
2x Season - Winter Snow White (2k)
Simple Snowflake - Kwanzaa (500c)
2x Snowflake Six set (Daisy, Donald, Goofy, Mickey, Minnie, Pluto) (12k)
2x Spellbound - Binx (500c)
Spellbound - Mary (500c)
2x Spellbound - Sarah (500c)
2x Spellbound - Sisters' Song (500c)
Spellbound - Tarot card (500c)
Spellbound - Winifred (500c)
Spellbound - Witch's Cauldron (500c)
SR- Crumbelina (1k)
St. Patrick's Day - 2020 (1k)
Star Wars - Greedo (1k)
Star Wars - Jar Jar Binks (1k)
2x Star Wars Day 2020 (1k)
Star Wars Day 2021 (1k)
Storybook - Giselle (1k)
Storybook - Pinocchio (1k)
Storybook - Reluctant Dragon (1k)
2x Storybook - The Wind in the Willows (1k)
Submarine Voyage - Dory and Marlin (2k)
Submarine Voyage - Nemo and Pals (2k)
6x Summer - Lake Destiny (1k)
7x Sunflower Winnie the Pooh (1k)
SW - Rey (1k)
SW - Vader (1k)
SW Death Watch Signet (1k)
SW Mandolorian Helmet (1k)
2x SW Mudhorn SIgnet (1k)
Sword in the Stone - Casey Jr. (1k)
6x Sword in the Stone - It's a Small World (1k)
Test Track Icon - Power (1k)
The Swedish Chef (5k)
TLM - Sebastian & Flounder (5k)
2x Toy Story - Jessie (1k)
Toy Story - Woody (1k)
2x Trick or Treat - Daisy (500c)
Trick or Treat - Goofy (500c)
Trick or Treat - Mater (500c)
Trick or Treat - Tigger (500c)
TSM Animal - Armadillo (4k)
TSM Animal - Bear (4k)
TSM Animal - Bunny (4k)
TSM Animal - Cat (4k)
Tsum Tsum POTC - Davy Jones (5k)
Tsum Tsum TENG - Pacha (5k)
Under the Sea - Jiminy & Seadonkey (1k)
Under the Sea - Merlin & Arthur (1k)
Veterans Day 2017 (feat. Captain America) (1k)
2x Villains profile - Hades (1k)
Villains profile - Maleficent (1k)
Whimsical Elephant (1k)
Whimsical Lion (1k)
2x Wishables Series 1 - Astronaut Minnie (500c)
Wreath - Minnie (1k)
2x WSS Cronut (Canada) (1k)
Zero to Hero 2-pin set (10k)

Furnishings may not be available as I sometimes use them for quest prizes. Just ask and I'll see what is available.

Feel free to ask about a discount if you want all available furniture in a set.

5x Alpine Cabin Roof - Attic (1k)
5x Alpine Cabin Roof - Frame (1k)
4x Alpine Cabin Roof - Inside (1k)
4x Alpine Cabin Roof - Outside (1k)
4x Alpine Cabin Wall - Corner (1k)
Circus Tent Flat - Blue & Pink (1k)
Circus Tent Flat - Red & White (1k)
Circus Tent Flat - Red & Yellow (1k)
Circus Tent Flat - Yellow & White (1k)
Cupcake Pink 2 (1k)
Dancing Baby Groot (10k)
Egg - Ariel (250c)
Egg - Faberge Mulan (250c)
7x Egg - Jack Skellington (250c)
Egg - Ladegg and the Tramp (250c)
15x Egg - Mike Wazowski (250c)
7x Egg- Poison Apple (250c)
5x Egg - Powerline (250c)
2x Egg - Ray & Eggvangeline (250c)
6x Egg - Robin Hood (250c)
7x Egg - Scrump (250c)
Experiment 150 - Clyde (250c)
Experiment 177 - Clip (250c)
2x Experiment 221 - Sparky (250c)
2x Experiment 223 - Glitch (250c)
3x Experiment 248 - Belle (250c)
3x Experiment 262 - Ace (250c)
Experiment 277 - Snooty (250c)
Experiment 319 - Spike (250c)
Experiment 275 - Phantasmo (250c)
3x Experiment 523 - Slushy (250c)
Experiment 600 - Woops (250c)
Experiment 627 - Evile (250c)
Geri's Game Bishop (1k)
2x Geri's Game King (1k)
Geri's Game Knight (1k)
2x Geri's Game Pawn (1k)
2x Geri's Game Queen (1k)
2x Geri's Game Rook (1k)
2x Ghost - Clyde (500c)
Ghost - Inky (500c)
Ghost - Pinky (500c)
2x Hover Chair (1k)
2x Kali River Rapids Couch (two pieces, not two full couches) (500c)
Lafitte's Tavern Sign (1k)
Marble Floor - Black (500c)
Marble Floor - White (500c)
Marvel Plush - Vision (500c)
Memory Scanner (1k)
5x Miss Piggy's Lounge Sofa (500c)
3x Moana's Mast (1k)
7x Monster in a crate (500c)
Muppet Vision 3D Sign (1k)
2x Na'vi Lamp - Large (2k)
Narnia ice throne (1k)
6x Poster - Tiana's Place (500c)
2x Q-Bert - Gameless (500c)
Q-Bert - Pink (500c)
Red Headphone (500c)
Solar Panel (500c)
4x Stage Corner (1k)
4x Stage Lighting Rig (1k)
10x Stage with Curtain 1x1 (1k)
Star Dazzle Award (1k)
Star Wars Poster - Rebel Freedom (500c)
3x Remy's potato soup (1k)
Spinning Dreidel (1k)
2x Star Wars Poster - Rebel Freedom (500c)
2x Terk (500c)
Trapeze Chair (1k)
2x Volleyball (1k)
WDW Suitcase full set (Animal Kingdom, EPCOT, Hollywood Studios, Magic Kingdom) (20k)
Wilderness Lodge Chandelier (1k)
8x Winter Crate Used (100c)
i-Mic computer (1k)

Bumble bee (antenna, dress, shoes, underdress, wings) (15k)
Marie Bathing Suit (top and bottom) (2k)
Backpack - Mickey Pride 2020 (5k)
Black denim shorts (3k)
Candy Corn dress (top, skirt, shoes) (30k)
Christmas Cardigan - Black (2k)
Christmas Cardigan - Red (2k)
Curly side pony hairstyle (3k)
High waisted shorts - dark denim (2k)
Jasmine pink (top, bottoms) (5k)
Pumpkin leggings (2k)
Snorkel (1k)
Storybook Circus - Minnie Magnifique Crown & Ears (25k)
T-Shirt - Leopard (1k)
T-Shirt - Zebra (1k)
Tree Onesie Shoes (1k)
Chadwick Boseman Pin (1k)
ChooChoo - Goofy (1k)
Holiday princesses - full set (45k) (Ariel, Aurora, Belle, Cinderella, Jasmine, Snow White)
Hollywood Studios Pin (1k)
Indiana Jones - Soldier Skeleton (20k)
Jessica Rabbit Decades - 1910's (1k)
Jessica Rabbit Decades - 1930's (1k)
Jessica Rabbit Decades - 1960's (1k)
2x Pinocchio (1k)
Pirates Attraction - Jolly Roger (2k)
Tsum Tsum TENG - Yzma (5k)
Marvel Plush - Hawkeye (500c)
Marvel Plush - Hela (500c)
Marvel Plush - Ultron (500c)
Snack Cart Green (500c)
Stained Glass Rug (500c)
The Great Before Carpet (500c)
Sluice Box (1k)
Mine platform (1k)
VMK marvel crate empty (100c)
Halloween Donald (pumpkin top, hat) (3k)
Poison apple (500c)
Hoop Earrings - Gold (3k)
Joggers - Grey (1k)
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Tree Onesie Shoes (1k)
1x Test Track Cone Hat (2k)
Name Tags - Disneyland Hong Kong (1k)
Park Icons - EPCOT (1k)
OUAT Pen and Ink pin (1k)
6x Stained Glass Window - Tiana (1k)
Tiki II - Koro Tiki pin (2k)
Under the Sea - Jiminy & Seadonkey (1k)
Under the Sea - Lilo & Pudge (1k)
2x Under the Sea - Merlin & Arthur (1k)
i'll take these pls! i'll try to msg ya on disc :rainbow:
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