Daring Damsel Dash (Water Ride Comp Entry)

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    Take a walk as Snow White as she tries to escape from the Evil Queen and maybe even meet some new friends along the way.

    Designed By: @Peach, @Squiggle and Crocodilebundy

    Ride Entrance: Daring Damsel Dash
    Welcome Damsels to Daring Damsel Dash. Can you outrun the Evil Queen? Click the blue start to try your luck and maybe make some friends on the way, but beware- she’ll do anything to be the fairest of them all.

    Frightful Forest
    *Snap* Look left, look right- Watch your step, those bears look rather hungry! Who is that lady over there? No time to ask, run as fast as you can before the Evil Queen finds you- she’ll do anything to be the fairest in the land!

    Toil and Trouble
    Where did these animals lead me? What is that I hear? There is that old lady again. What is she doing? That cauldron is smoking, that doesn’t look good- Oh no, a gator! Let’s swim another way to safety! Wait...is that rushing water?! LOOK OUT BELOW!

    Into the Mine We Go
    *Heigh-ho, heigh-ho* Look at all these sparkles! If you listen closely you can hear whistles. You look around and see these tiny little men loading beautiful gems into a cart. They recognize you, “Princess!” But it’s too late, you’re already gone.

    Dwarf Haven
    The little man in the grass drops his sword as I approach him. “Beware of the Evil Queen, she cannot be trusted!” There’s that old lady- she’s handing me an apple. “This looks delicious” I take a bite, the old lady smiles and I fade into black---