Dark Rains

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    Early in the day, my client and I began a most spellbinding road journey. It was one in which I anticipated I could get powerful raw footage for anything. Embarking, we instantly detected natural light levels strangely low—so low, he could not boot his cell phone (thereof being caused by the sovereign darkness according to him). What was certainly a result of this darkness—caused by blowing mist— though, was that it was several notches harder to see anything, as the dashboard camera video shows. Both results were complicated as we became aware of power outages on his street. He feared his house was going to be a victim. I asked him what he would do if it was, and he said that he would just sleep. The only thing about the darkness that could be interpreted as mercy were the lightning flashes that made it daytime in bursts. Given their frequency, we were able to rely upon them to light just enough of the road ahead.

    Be warned in the video the recording starts once, fails for a moment down the road, and starts again. The voice that indicates such is a bit loud so just be aware of that. After you hear it twice, you can be safe to turn the sound up to hear the surroundings.

    Any questions—send me a PM. I'm keeping my public postings limited for now.
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    It says there is an error on the video :o