Looking For Credits Dep's Deposit (Updated 4/7)

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    Everything here is first come first serve, I apologize in advance if somebody gets something before you even if you contacted me first.
    Furniture will be added in the near future and in an attempt to help you build your rooms everything will be name your own price (Just be reasonable with me and I'll work with you)


    39x ChooChoo – Daisy 1k
    43x ChooChoo – Donald 1k
    29x ChooChoo – Goofy 1k
    6x ChooChoo – Minnie 10k
    32x ChooChoo – Pluto 1k

    2x ATIS – Mighty Eye 5k

    2x Aladdin – Aladdin 3k
    2x Aladdin – Jasmine 3k
    2x Aladdin – Rajah 3k

    10x Alice at the Beach Pin 1k
    10x Esmerelda at the Beach Pin 1k
    10x Kairi at the Beach Pin 1k
    10x Lilo and Stitch Lifeguard Pin 1k

    19x Astronaut – Daisy 1k
    29x Astronaut – Donald 1k
    27x Astronaut – Goofy 1k
    1x Astronaut – Mickey 20k
    3x Astronaut – Minnie 10k
    18x Astronaut – Pluto 1k

    10x Bear in the Big Blue House Pin 1k
    10x Bucky The Squirrel Pin 1k

    15x Buzz Lightyear Mickey Head Pin 2k

    10x Cassette Couple Gamora 2k
    10x Cassette Couple Starlord 2k

    10x Chicken Little Alien Couple Pin 1k

    20x Christmas Eve 2018 Pin 1k

    10x Comic – Starlord Pin 2k

    15x Cute Space Mountain Pin 2k

    2x Cuties – Bambi 5k
    2x Cuties – Daisy 5k
    2x Cuties – Donald 5k
    2x Cuties – Dumbo 5k
    2x Cuties – Goofy 5k

    2x DLR 60th – 60th year celebration 5k
    1x DLR 60th – Blue Diamond 5k
    2x DLR 60th – Diamond Celebration 5k
    2x DLR 60th – Mickey Ears 5k

    10x Disney Bear – Duffy 3k
    10x Disney Bear – Gelatoni 3k
    9x Disney Bear – Shellie May 3k
    8x Disney Bear – StellaLou 3k

    13x Disney Parks Animals – Henry 1k
    10x Disney Parks Animals – Jose 1k
    2x Disney Parks Animals – Ollie The Owl 5k
    8x Disney Parks Animals – Sam The Eagle 1k
    8x Disney Parks Animals – Splash Mountain Goose 1k

    10x Donalds Jungle Safari Pin 2k

    15x DuckTales Space Alien Pin 2k
    15x DuckTales Space Scrooge Pin 2k

    15x Emblem – Dream Eater Nightmare 2k
    15x Emblem – Dream Eater Spirit 2k

    6x Finding Dory – Dory (4/6) 2k
    3x Finding Dory – Hank (3/6) 2k
    3x Finding Dory – Marlin (2/6) 2k
    3x Finding Dory – Nemo (1/6) 2k

    10x GOTG – Groot 2k
    10x GOTG – Rocket 2k

    20x Halloween Sora Pin – 2k

    10x Hocus Pocus Villain Spelltacular Pin 2k

    2x Hotel DLP Cheyenne Hotel 4k
    2x Hotel DLR Paradise Pier 4k
    2x Hotel WDW Ploynesian Hotel 4k
    1x Hotel WDW Pop Century 4k
    2x Hotel II Disneyland Hotel 4k
    2x Hotel HKDL Hollywood Hotel 4k
    2x Hotel TDL Miracosta 4k
    2x Hotel WDW Contemporary Hotel 4k

    10x – I’ll Be Your – Mickey 2k
    10x – I’ll be your – Minnie 2k

    15x KH3 Pin – 1k

    9x Minnie and Figaro 1k

    2x OUAT – Chipped Cup Pin 4k
    2x OUAT – Regina’s Heart Pin 4k
    2x OUAT – Rumpelstiltskin’s Dagger Pin 4k
    2x OUAT – Title Pin 4k
    2x OUAT – True Love Potion Pin 4k

    1x Ocean Fun – EAC 2k
    2x Ocean Fun – Ohana 2k
    2x Ocean Fun – Pudge 2k
    2x Ocean Fun – School of Fish 2k

    10x Perdita Pin 2k

    10x Peter Parker Pin 1k

    10x Pride Loki Pin 1k
    10x Pride Valkyrie Pin 1k

    15x Sea Salt Trio – Axel 2k
    15x Sea Salt Trio – Roxas 2k
    15x Sea Salt Trio – Xion 2k

    10x – Snowman Cheshire Cat 2k
    10x - Snowman Jack Skellington 2k
    10x – Snowman Jiminy Cricket 2k
    20x – Snowman Stitch 3k

    30x Sugar Skull – Chernabog 1k
    11x Sugar Skull – Facilier 1k
    30x Sugar Skull – Hades 1k
    16x Sugar Skull – Maleficent 1k
    1x – Sugar Skull – Ursula 15k

    9x Sugar Skull Jack 2k
    9x Sugar Skull Sally 2k

    10x Tony Stark Pin 1k

    14x VMK’s Ten Year Closure Anniversary Pin (1 Day Sale) 8k

    10x Valentine’s Chip and Dale 5k


    3x Albert Mystic Hat 2k

    9x Alice Bathing Suit Bottom 2k
    9x Alice Bathing Suit Top 2k

    10x Ant-Man Head Pal 3k

    8x Ariel Mickey Ears Headband 4k

    4x Baseball Cap – Bailey 4k

    2x Black Widow Shoes 2k
    1x Black Widow Top 2k

    5x Blue Flats 2k
    4x Red Flats 2k

    10x Bride Frankenstein Shoes 3k
    10x Bride Frankenstein Skirt 3k
    10x Bride Frankenstein Top 3k
    10x Bride Frankenstein Veil 3k
    10x Bride Frankenstein Bride Wig 5k

    5x Frankenstein Wig 5k

    5x Button Up – Pink 3k

    5x Candy Cane Crop Top 3k

    6x Candy Corn Bowtie 3k
    5x Candy Corn Hair Bow 3k

    2x Candy Corn Cat Ears 10k

    1x Cheerleader Purple Top 2k

    4x Christmas Skirt 2k

    4x Civil War Sunglasses 5k

    5x Cruella de Vil Boots 2k
    5x Cruella de Vil Faux Fur Coat 2k
    5x Cruella de Vil Skirt 2k
    5x Cruella de Vil Top 2k

    5x Curtain Dress Skirt 2k
    5x Curtain Dress Top 2k

    9x Deer Antlers 3k

    10x Dumbo Hat 5k

    4x Eeyore Floating Friend 55k

    4x Elliot Wings 3k
    4x Figment Wings 3k
    4x Madam Mim Wings 3k

    5x Esmeralda Bathing Suit Bottom 2k
    5x Esmeralda Bathing Suit 2k

    4x Eye of Agamotto 2k

    7x Galaxy Leggings 5k

    5x Gamora Top 3k
    1x Gamora Wig 50k

    1x Ghost Top Hat 75k

    4x Guitar – Red 15k

    5x Halloweentown – Sophie’s Hat 5k

    5x Halloweentown Sora Hair 5k
    5x Halloweentown Sora Shirt 2k
    5x Halloweentown Sora Pants 2k
    5x Halloweentown Sora Shoes 2k

    5x Hanukkah Crop Top 2k
    5x Hanukkah Long Sleeve Shirt 2k
    5x Hanukkah Skirt 2k

    5x Headband – Blue 2k
    5x Headband – Pink 2k
    5x Headband – Red 2k
    5x Headband – White 2k

    5x Heart Crown – Pink 2k
    5x Heart T-Shirt – 2k
    5x Heart Boxers – 2k

    3x Holiday Elf Green Jacket 5k
    2x Holiday Elf Purple Jacket 5k
    2x holiday Elf Red Jacket 5k

    5x Holiday Hat Ret 10k

    1x Hypno Goggles 5k

    3x Infinity War Sunglasses 5k

    4x It’s Tough To Be A Bug 3D Glasses 4k

    4x Jafar Bottoms 3k
    5x Jafar Cape 3k
    5x Jafar Top 3k
    5x Jafar Hat Black 5k

    5x Jingle Hat – Green 5k
    5x Jingle Hat – Red 5k

    4x KH Crown 5k

    4x Kairi KH 2 Skirt 2k
    4x Kairi KH 2 Top 2k
    5x Kairi KH 3 Wig 5k
    4x Kairi KH3 Boots 2k
    4x Kairi KH3 Skirt 2k
    4x Kairi KH3 Top 2k
    5x Kairi Skirt 2k
    5x Kairi Top 2k

    4x Kevin Beanie 5k

    5x King Mickey Swim Trunk – 5k

    9x Kitty Ears 3k

    2x LOTK – Adventureland Tank Top 5k
    1x LOTK – Fantasyland Tank Top 5k
    4x LOTK – Frontierland Tank Top 5k
    4x LOTK – Main Street Tank Top 5k
    3x LOTK – Tomorrowland Tank Top 5k

    5x Lab Coat 5k

    3x Lady Ears Headband 2k

    4x Little Green Man Hat 5k

    7x Lord Henry Mystic Hat 2k

    5x Mad Hatter Trunks 5k

    5x Magician Blue Boys Jacket 2k
    5x Magician Blue Girls Jacket 2k
    5x Magician Blue Pants 2k
    5x Magician Blue Hat 5k
    5x Magician Red Boys Jacket 2k
    5x Magician Red Girls Jacket 2k
    5x Magician Red Pants 2k
    5x Magician Red Hat 5k
    10x Magician Shoes 2k

    4x Meeko Hat 5k

    10x Mickey Bar Ears Headband 5k

    10x Mickey Ears – Avengers 5k
    10x Mickey Ears – MNSSHP (Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party) 5k
    5x Mickey Ears – Metallic Blue 5k
    10x Mickey Ears – Metallic Orange 5k
    10x Mickey Ears – Metallic Purple 5k
    10x Mickey Ears – Candy Corn 5k
    10x Mickey Waffle Ears Headband 5k
    6x Minnie Ears Candy Corn 10k

    5x Minnie Valentine’s Dress Bottom 5k
    5x Minnie’s Valentine’s Dress Top 5k

    1x Monsters Inc Hard Hat 7k

    5x Na’vi Headband 5k

    4x Namine Skirt 3k
    5x Namine Top 3k
    5x Namine Wig 5k

    5x Nutcracker Jacket 2k
    5x nutcracker Pants 2k

    5x OUAT Genie Shirt 2k
    5x OUAT Genie Pants 2k

    10x Oogie Beanie 5k

    4x Orange Bird Bathing Suit Bottom 3k
    4x Orange Bird Bathing Suit Top 3k

    4x Peggy Carter Blue Blazer 2k
    4x Peggy Carter Blue Skirt 2k
    4x Peggy Carter Hat 5k

    5x Pharaoh Hat 5k

    5x Pleakley Beanie 5k

    5x Pluto Hat 5k

    4x Pooh Bear Beanie 5k

    5x Prince Edward Bottoms 2k
    5x Prince Edward Top 2k

    10x Princess White Bodice 5k
    10x Princess White Hooped Skirt 5k
    10x Princess White Slippers 5k

    5x Pudge Hat 5k

    5x Pumpkin Tank Top 5k

    10x Puppy Ears 5k

    5x Quasimodo Swim Trunk 2k

    4x Queen Minnie Bikini Bottoms 2k
    4x Queen Minnie Bikini Top 2k

    5x Riku KH3 Pants 2k
    5x Riku KH3 Top 2k
    5x Riku KH2 Pants 2k
    5x Riku KH2 Top 2k
    5x Riku Wig 5k

    10x Rocket Raccoon Hat 5k

    5x Roxas Pants 2k
    5x Roxas Shoes 2k
    5x Roxas Top 2k
    5x Roxas Wig 5k

    7x Santa Jacket 5k
    7x Santa Pants 5k

    5x Scarlet Witch Corset 5k

    5x Slacks Pink 3k

    5x Snowflake Headband 5k
    2x Snowflake Sweater 50k

    5x Sora Bottoms 2k
    4x Sora KH3 Pants 2k
    4x Sora KH3 Shoes 2k
    4x Sora KH3 Top 2k
    5x Sora Top 2k
    5x Sora Wig 5k

    56x Sorcerer Hat – Pink 500c
    10x Sorcerer Hat – 5k
    6x Sorcerer Hat – Black 2k
    6x Sorcerer Hat – Purple 2k
    1x Sorcerer Hat – Candy Corn 10k
    1x Sorcerer Hat – Sunset 10k

    10x Sorcerer Skirt 2k
    10x Sorcerer Top 2k

    10x Spider Bowtie 4k
    10x Spider Hair Bow 4k

    5x Squirt Hat 4k

    4x Star Glasses 5k

    5x Stitch Tank Top 5k

    10x Sugar Plum Fairy Dress Skirt 3k
    10x Sugar Plum Fairy Dress Top 3k
    10x Sugar Plum Fairy Headpiece 3k

    10x T-Shirt Dress Skirt Pink 2k
    10x T-Shirt Dress Top Pink 2k

    5x Thor Armor 2k
    5x Thor Pants 2k
    5x Thor Boots 2k

    5x Tigger Scarf 3k

    5x Tube Top Pink 3k
    9x Tube Top White 3k

    2x Unicorn Horn – Green 2k
    5x Unicorn Horn – Purple 2k

    5x Ushanka Winter Hat – Red 15k

    4x Wing Eyeline 10k (Wholesale)

    2x Zenon Hair 10k
    5x Zenon Top 2k
    5x Zenon Skirt 2k
    5x Zenon Shoes 2k

    2x Zero Hat 80k

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    Can I get one of each?
  3. JustDep

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    Of course! PMed
  4. Liv

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    Can i get these?
    Albert Mystic Hat 2k
    Hocus Pocus – Mary Skirt – 2k
    Hocus Pocus – Mary Top 2k
    Hocus Pocus – Sarah Skirt 2k
    Hocus Pocus – Sarah Top 2k
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    can i get these items
    Ariel Ears - 4k
    Lady Headband - 2k
    Pooh bear beanie- 5k
    Pop Century Pin- 4k
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    I’ll buy a black hoodie :)
  7. SunshinyCashew

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    Can i get:
    Monsters Inc. Hard Hat - 7k
    Hocus Pocus - Mary Top - 2K
    Hocus Pocus - Mary Skirt - 2K

    Disney Bear - Stella Lou - 3K
    Sugar Skull - Jack - 2K
    Sugar Skull - Sally - 2K
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    Can I get these? :)
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  10. designju

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    may I see what the civil war sunglasses look like? :)
  11. JustDep

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    PMing you all :D
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    Hi Dep! May I please get these things, please? Thanks in advance!
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  13. JustDep

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    Thanks for the trade!
  14. Nayru

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    KH Crown 5k
    Sora KH3 Pants 2k
    Sora KH3 Shoes 2k
    Sora KH3 Top 2k

    Could I get one of each? thank you :)
  15. JustDep

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  16. JustDep

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  17. marisaeve

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    Can I do the DLR 60th – Diamond Celebration, galaxy leggings, and the Alice bathing suit?
  18. JustDep

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    of course! I'll PM you
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  20. BillyMaze.

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    are you on now?