Development History of VMK


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Hey folks! I've come in from the game history world with something you might be interested in.

I was raised a bit too old to have VMK on my radar, but I did grow up with a game called Disney's Villains' Revenge. As it turns out, the VMK name was originally used for a massive CD-ROM adventure game that eventually collapsed and was retooled as Villains' Revenge.

So for the past month, I got in touch with many of the original developers at Disney Interactive, including some who were responsible for later pitching and running the VMK you know. Indeed, there's a massive story in that original phase that could dwarf the three-year cycle of VMK. It's currently being compiled into a series, but I've posted an interview part relevant to how the MMO got to exist in the first place.

From FMV to MMO: Virtual Magic Kingdom's Second Life - interview excerpt with co-creator Roger Holzberg

Consider this a taste. There's much more to follow!
Thanks very much for the wait, everyone. Here's a six-part article detailing the original Virtual Magic Kingdom, and elaborating more on the MMO. If you have friends who don't really know the origins of VMK or MyVMK, this is a good way in for them.

One Name, Two Games: Virtual Magic Kingdom

If this goes well, I'm intending to follow up with some artifact digging. These interviewees kept a lot from their time.