Space Cadet
Hi VMK people,

I have recently started dabbling in photoshop & digital art again and was hoping to share some of my work. :D I don't know if this is where I do that, or how any of this works but here's the first piece I've completed! It is inspired by an old Epcot pin I found, and in eager anticipation for the World Showcase badge in-game.
Showcase Badge (1).png
I am a bit of a turtle (this took me 3.5 hours and I just realized my American flag lost a line) but it's a start!

If you do digital art, I'd love some feedback AND I have a few questions.
(I am currently using an iPad with a pen, the app Sketchbook, and then copied into GIMP to remove the background. However, I couldn't figure out to get it to save without background/didn't put in the effort to figure out how).
1) Do you struggle with your pen/pencil constantly not drawing or trying to change colors?
2) What tool do you like for the fine lines & details?
3) Do you like to use the layers feature?

Thanks in advance for stopping by.



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