Not yet fixed Dis Guest Room Bug List

Hello All! I'll keep this list up to date with any bugs I find in my guest rooms.

Sound Bugs

Rooms Missing Audio Whether Intentional or not:
-Ariel's Grotto
-Beauty and the Beast Ballroom
-Bewitching Bayou
-Cave of Wonders
-Enchanted Tiki Room
-Halloween Refreshment Corner
-Hannah Montana
-Mad Hatter's Christmas Tea Party
-Rapunzel's Tower
-Snowglobe Guest Room
-Starlight Wonderland Gold
-Starlight Wonderland Silver
-Syndrome's Lava Lair
-Tatooine (Day)
-Tatooine (Night)
-Valentine's Ballroom

Rooms with Incorrect Audio Files/Improperly functioning Audio files:
-Rise of Resistance room ambiance sometimes persists upon exit
-Splash Mountain Bayou currently using a space room track

Visual Bugs

Briar Patch
Glow Effect misplaced to right of candle
1601500036183.png 1601500043858.png
Left is orginal and right is live

Castle Suite
Cloud clips through room as it travels
1601500221163.png 1601500227661.png

Destiny Islands
Wave Glitches into Sand FIXED

Enchanted Tiki Room
Room does not load properly for all players and appears as black room for some even after reloads and multiple play sessions

Halloween Refreshment Corner
Furthest bush to the left has item room clipping

Nautilus Submarine Room
Missing animated giant squid from window
1601500482115.png 1601500490228.png
left is original and right is live

Space Mountain
Rear Ride vehicles do not move and stay docked at station

Syndrome's Lava Lair
Half of room frame flickers every 8 seconds. Lava Wall also broken. FIXED

Tatooine (Day) & (Night)
You can walk under structure

Part 2 below

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Tomorrowland Outerspace
Missing the Rocket
1601501146597.png 1601501151390.png
left is original and right is live

Recognizers Clip over the back wall
Typhoon Lagoon
Bottom Frame of Screen is Bugged Missing wave and showing Sand

VMK Baseball Diamond
Gophers on right are out of holes and upsidedown

Redeem Issues
-Nightmare Before Christmas Holiday unable to be claimed FIXED
-Rise of Resistance unable to be claimed FIXED
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Updates 2/14/21

-NBC Holiday and Rise of Resistance Room are able to be claimed.
-Destiny Islands Wave Glitch has been fixed
-Syndrome's Lava Room Flickering has been fixed