dude's trade list

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Valentine's Day
Beauty and the Beast
Pirate Cannon
Space Mountain
Cursed Storm - 5*
Fireworks - 1* (infinite)
Mr. Toad's Car - 1*
Ghost - 5*
Lucky Coin - 1*

Tow Mater - 1*
Angel Hat
HM Ghost Bride Outfit (from quest)
Elliot Shoulder Pet x2
Winnie the Pooh Shoulder Pet
Captain America's Shield
Sparky Hat
Poison Apple Hat x2
Bucket Hat Pastel Purple
Candy Corn Cat
Candy Cane Crop Top
Candy Corn Bowtie
Candy Corn Hair Bow
Cheshire Cat Beanie
Christmas Skirt
Cowboy Shirt Red
Green Explorer Jacket w/ Camera
Fairy Tinkerbell Forest outfit
Finding Nemo Hat
Flower Crown Rainbow
Haunted Mansion Top Hat
White Haunted Mansion outfit
Hawaiian Aloha Shirt
Heart Crown Red
Holiday Hat Blue
Holiday Hat Pink
Snowman Slippers
Team Penguin Hoodie
Jafar Hat
Judge Frollo Hat
Kingdom Hearts T-Shirt
Mad Hatter Hat
Mad Hatter Trunks
Black Spacesuit outfit
Moon Bobbles
Native American Headdress
Pirate Elizabeth Swann outfit
Pluto Cap
Aladdin outfit
Black/Purple/Green/White Princess outfits
Red Bow
Recess TJ Hat
Pumpkin Tank Top
Reindeer Headband - Red Nose
Orange Superhero outfit
Reindeer Sweater
Zenon outfit
Candy Corn
Metallic Purple/Orange/Blue
Black/Green Princess
Candy Corn
Plaid Bow
Gold Scoreboard
Gold Turnstyle
Candy Cauldron
(practically any egg)
(practically any plush)
(practically any experiment)
Also trading tons of more common pins/clothes/furni that I don't feel like listing so if you are looking for anything specific just ask me

Pink Firewall
Rare Magics
JC Pin Set
Silver Ears
Grey Star Wars/White flip hats
Yeti Hat
Red/Winter Dreams Shirt
Dia de los Muertos Hat
(I mostly want credits though. I can also just offer creds for those things ^ as well if you're trading)

Comment or pm me, thanks!
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Hey @dudescl,

Do you have any of these pins?

Dreams Fairy Pin
Halloween - Bat
Inside Out - Rainbow Unicorn Pin
Mickey Mouse Club Pin
Monsters Opening
Mischief Night 2016
Springtime Thumper Pin
Thrill Seekers Quest Pin
World Showcase - United States
Water Part I - Surfing
VMK Frontierland Quest Pin
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