Happily married to Mrtigerman <3
So I'm not the type to spread news usually but I figure this is the perfect type of news to spread. I probably told most people that I live on the west coast, cause I know bascially everyone knows each other. But that's not the cause I'm actually on the east coast. But that doesnt matter.

Most of you guys know or if you dont your about to find out. So if anyone knows mrtigerman we have been dating for a while in game and in real life. Even though we are on different sides of the map we make it work. So with being on different sides an engagement is a bit harder.

So last night I showed him this ring, and the next thing I know I get this lengthy text, I really didn't know what was going on. Until I got to the end of the text. You guys he proposed to me ! Just until he can get me an actual engagement ring.

Of course I said yes. I couldnt be more ecstatic too see what the future brings for us. #caughtbyatiger [emoji171][emoji171][emoji171]

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