Erudite Big Inventory Sale

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Your Friendly AuD Owl

3x Agent of shields pin - 1k each
2x Ant-Man pin - 1k each
2x Ant-man and the wasp pin - 1k each
1x Avengers Infinity Wars Pin - 3k
10x Bruce Pin - 1k Each
3x Cassette Couple Gamora - 500c each
2x Cassette Couple Star Lord - 500c each
2x Comic Starlord Pin - 2k each
~~1x Doctor Strange Pin - 1k~~
1x Frontierland Minnie - 5k
2x GOTG - Groot - 3k each
2x GOTG - Rocket - 3k each
2x GOTG Sticker - Drax Pin - 3k
1x Guardian’s Badge - 1k
1x HEROES - Black Bolt - 1k
2x HEROES - Captain America - 2k each
1x HEROES - Iron Man - 2k
1x HEROES - Spider Pan - 2k
1x HEROES - Thor - 2k
2x Marvel Black Widow pin - 2k each
2x Marvel Mantis Pin - 2k each
1x Marvel Nebula - 2k
2x Marvel Scarlet Witch - 2k each
1x Marvel Shuri pin - 2k
1x Mickey Mouse Mysterious - 5k
2x Peter Parker pin - 2k each
5x Pride - Agender - 2k each
15x Pride - Aromantic - 2k each, 15k if buy all
15x Pride - Asexual - 2k each, 15k if buy all
3x Pride - Bisexual - 2k each
20x Pride - Gay - 2k each, 15k if buy 15x
5x Pride - Genderfluid - 2k each
5x Pride - Genderqueer - 2k each
15x Pride - Lesbian - 2k each, 15k if buy all
20x Pride - Pansexual - 2k each, 15k if buy 15x
5x Pride - Polysexual - 2k each
20x Pride - Transgender - 2k each, 15k if buy 15x
2x Tony Stark pin - 2k
1x Under the Sea Band - Seahorse - 5k
1x Venom Pin - 10k

Also I have random SITS pins from April 2020 - Current if you looking for those (i do not have ultra or super rares and if i do im most likely not going to trade it unless you really want it.


1x Ariel Bathing Suit Bottom - 2k
1x Ariel Bathing Suit Top - 2k
1x Autumn Minnie Backpack - 5k
1x Backpack - Skull & Crossbones - 5k
1x Baseball Blue Shirt - 3k
1x Baseball Blue Shorts - 2k
1x Baseball shoes - 2k
1x Bubble Gum - Heart - 5k (Currently invisible)
2x Bucket Hat Flower - 2k
1x Bumblebee Underdress - 1k
1x Casual Shirt Todd - 5k
1x Cheetah Girls Visor - 500c
1x Christmas Leggings - Red - 1k
2x Clockwork Wind up - 500c
1x Clopin Mask 1k
1x Dante Ears - 3k
1x Dante Paws - 3k
1x Dante Tail - 3k
1x Darker Low Ponytail - 5k
2x Devil’s Horns - 500c
5x Devil’s Tail - 500c
2x Día de los Muertos Top - 10k
1x Esmeralda Gold Headpiece - 1k
1x Genie Hair - Girls - 5k
1x Genie Makeup - 2k
1x Halloween Mickey - Hat - 1k
1x Halloween Mickey - Shirt - 2k
1x Halloween Mickey - Pants - 1k
1x Halloween Mickey - Shoes - 1k
1x Halloween Minnie - Pants - 1k
1x Halloween Minnie - Dress - 2k
1x Halloween Minnie - Shoes - 1k
4x Hannukah Sweater - 3k
1x Hawaiian Tiki Crop Top - 3k
2x Holdable Pumpkin Head - 5k
1x Holiday Elf Blue Hat - 5k
1x Holiday Elf Blue Jacket - 5k
1x Jasmine Top - Pink - 7k
1x Jasmine Bottoms - Pink -7k
1x Keyblade - Kingdom Key - 2k
1x Keyblade - Lionheart - 2k
1x Keyblade - Metal Chocobo - 2k
1x Keyblade - Mysterious Abyss - 2k
4x Lei - White - 2k
4x Life Jacket - Eastern Rainbowfish - 500c
1x Love Wins Wand - 2k
1x Makeup - Blushing Hearts Pink - 5k
1x Makeup - Blushing Hearts Red - 5k
1x Mascara, Blush, & Freckles - 5k
1x Mickey Holiday Spirit Jersey - Green - 5k
1x Miguel Mask - 7k
1x Mr. Smee’s Black Shirt - 5k
1x Mythic Hair 5 (space buns) - 3k
1x Mythic Hair 4 (long hair with bangs and pig tails) - 3k
1x Pacifier - Orange - 11k
2x Pirate Disguise - 3k
1x Plushie - Lotso - 10k
1x Poison Apple - 500c
1x Pride Ears 2020 - 3k
1x Pride Sandals 2020 (red flip flops) - 2k
1x Pride Shirt 2020 - 2k
1x Pride Backpack 2020 - 5k
1x Rat Ears - 5k
1x Rat Tail - 5k
3x Skeleton Leggings - Green - 5k
1x Skeleton Leggings - Yellow - 5k
1x Skeleton Shirt - Green - 5k
3x Skeleton Shirt - White - 5k
2x T-shirt - Ariel Profile - 1k
50x T-Shirt - Dashiki (Kwanza Shirt) - 500c
1x Tank Top White - 2k
2x Tank Top Black - 2k
1x Tom Lucitor Shirt - 5k
1x Tom Lucitor Shoes - 3k


Search in game on the guest room list Furni Store - Erudite to see or just search Erudite on the guest room list for the room categories


  • Black Lives Matters (Fist)
  • Black Lives Matters Pin (Joining hands)
  • Red Plaid Vest
  • Valentines Day 2021 Pin
  • Polar Bear Onsie Parts

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Your Friendly AuD Owl

also looking for archimedes houses
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