Expanding 5* Permanent Effect


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As most people know, 5* skeleton magic can be used to turn into a skeleton indefinitely. There are several other magic pins that I think should be given the same ability should a 5* be collected. I chose these because they all offer a unique and purely aesthetic change that preserves the original character model in some way (ie, you dont turn into a shark). The list is as follows:
- Grey Spell <it can make items that have clashing colors, but look cool together otherwise, work nicely>
- Ned's Revenge <it creates really cool and unique looking outfits, of which I will show an example>
- Headless <same as the first two but less so>
- Twisted Head <same as the first two but less so>
- Drink Me <being small is fun and cute, might as well be small all the time>
- Violet <looks amazing, another example will be provided>
- Turn Into Push <it's nice to be represented in VMK, and boy do I look good>

Adding these effects can only increase the depth of already cool items, so why not? Is there any other magic you guys think would benefit from an additional 5* effect?