Favorite disney restaurant?


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Back in the 90s, The Land in Epcot had a revolving restaurant. That was my favorite as a kid.

My two new favorites are the Electric Umbrella in Epcot, and Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe in Norway.


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Back in the 90s, The Land in Epcot had a revolving restaurant. That was my favorite as a kid.

My two new favorites are the Electric Umbrella in Epcot, and Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe in Norway.
They still have that restaurant in Epcot and its called the Garden Grill so don't worry its not gone lol.


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Redd Rockets pizza port at disneyland. I seriously love and I mean like best food in history love their count down chicken fusilli. I would eat there every night if I could TBH
I LOVE 50'S PRIME TIME CAFE DO NOT TALK TO ME. last time i went they had this pb & j milkshake and it was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good. I always get the mamas sampler with the pot roast, meat loaf and fried chicken. it's literally heaven everytime i go, and its by far my favorite place to eat in WDW. however, i think next time i'm gonna go to Sci-Fi dine-in because i remember them having really good burgers and i feel like 50's prime time is starting to get a little repetitive (crazy, right?) , so i think a break is in order. I've eaten a lot of places around the parks in WDW. One of my favorite quick time places in EPCOT is the mexico one. its literally right on the water and they give u a lot of pretty cheap. my least favorite place to me is probably Mama Melroses in hollywood studios. i'm italian so i have the cuisine wayyyy too often, and mama melrose doesn't do anything crazy different. i've been twice and like i said, i just dont think the food is THAT good. if u really like italian food tho and u dont have it often then id say its good to try once to see if its for you. In Disneyland, i ate at the cafe for dinner in new orleans square, and had a monte cristo. omg that sandwhich is to die for it is so good. i really wanna eat at blue bayou but its literally an arm and a leg. on my 2nd day, i went to flos cafe. it was really good for a quick service resturant and my meal was pretty good. at California adventure, i know that they have this resturant where you can get bread bowl soups? i havent had one but omg i wanna go so bad i heard they are absolutely delicious. my final recommendation is the honestly only good place i know to eat in animal kingdom. it's yak n yeti cafe, the quick service on the side of the actual resturant. they have really good noodles and this great honey chicken that i absolutely love. also not too far is a food truck that sells root beer floats that are SO GOOD. so yeah!!!! those are my experiences. feel free to ask me about other resturants, as ive eaten a lot around WDW. not so much at all DL.


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My family went to DLR for canadian thanksgiving and got the turkey dinner there and it was soo tender and juicy it felt just like a home cooked meal.
idk if this counts as a restauraunt but no trip to DLR for me is complete without a Dole whip from the Tiki Juice Bar.


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Royal Street Veranda for the gumbo. Or any place serving fries!!
(Now I need to get off of these threads!! I just finished lunch and am now starving! Craving all kinds of goodness!)
AHH food. Speaking my language.
So I don't wanna call myself a Disney food expert but it is a goal of mine to visit every restaurant in the time I have my annual pass. So without further to do here are my favorites...

Magic kingdom:
- Be our guest. Lunch and dinner hands down.
*slight bias opinion only due to the fact I haven't eaten at Cinderella's royal table.
- quick service I love Pinocchio's after it was redone.
- quick service I also love Gastons. My family, friends, and myself all love pork and the pork shank is out of this world. Oh and the brew!

MGM/Hollywood studios/Florida adventure (whatever)
- prime time is fun but the food would have to be a grade down based around the other restaurants I'm referring to here
- sci fi is also fun for the atmosphere but lunch food is also a notch down. I get it you go for the atmosphere not the food but the milkshakes are bomb.

- le celliar
- chefs de France <- I can probably eat their French onion for days on end
- misour Paul <- hands down favorite
- French bakery - everything. Great for lunch
- food and wine festival >:) ALL. OF. IT.
- beirgarten

Animal kingdom
None of this one because we don't typically stay past the afternoon and going to a restrauant at this park seems like too much work and walking

- Boca in animal kingdom (only had breakfast) but it's amazing
- Victoria and Alberts (once in a lifetime experience) hands down also a favorite in grand Floridian
- grand Floridian cafe (lunch) in grand Floridian
- the wave (dinner not a fan of lunch) in the contemporary
- California grill the contemporary
- ohanas in the Polynesian
- cape may cafe (dinner) can u say all you can eat crab legs?!? In beach resort
- yacht mans steakhouse in yacht club
*when I say this is the best steak I have had in my life I'm not lying to you. The service is beyond amazing and we've only had one waiter, has name is Thomas and he's originally from Maryland. They take pride in their staff and our first visit made it a big deal to remember him encase we came back. And we did and he remembered my family since.
I haven't gone with friends due to the very high cost and the restrauant not being park attire friendly.
- beaches and cream for ice cream at beach resort

Downtown Disney
- food trucks (pricey for what you get)
- Wolfgang puke
- the boat one not sure what it's called
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It's hard for me to pick one because most of the ones I've been to were Quick Services. I like the fries a the place on Main Street that's baaseball themed. I can't remember what it was called.


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Lolkinda sucks because I dont know the names of my favorite restaurants, but the French restaurant in Epcot will always be my favorite, also the crystal palace (i think its called??) in magic kingdom!!
I can't comment on DLR because I haven't been... BUT I know all the food at WDW too well. :dance:

Magic Kingdom:
Be Our Guest
Columbia Harbor House
Crystal Palace
Cinderella's Royal Table

Sunshine Seasons in The Land
Les Halles Boulangerie Patisserie (aka the French bakery) in the World Showcase

Hollywood Studios:
Hollywood Brown Derby
50s Prime Time

Animal Kingdom:
Flame Tree BBQ
Yak & Yeti

Kona Cafe at the Polynesian
Garden View Tea Room at the Grand Floridian
1900 Park Fare at the Grand Floridian



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Magic Kingdom:
Tortuga Tavern.

Hollywood Studios:
Sci-Fi Drive In OR Pizza Planet.

Cannot choose sorry too many wonderful counties.

Animal Kingdom:
Pizzafari OR Restaurantourous.
Ohana, Aloha dinner show, Kona Cafe (awesome macadamia nut pancakes), Boma, Jiko, literally everything at Epcot, umm what else... oh Crystal Palace has always been a fave for me at the Magic Kingdom! Food and characters woohoo!