Favourite characters? I need inspiration!

So, I love to draw Disney characters but lately have felt a little dry of inspiration. I really don't know what characters I should draw next. Ive linked some of my drawings below. What characters do you think I should do next? Anyone have any favorites?! :)

This ones a couple years old so this ones a bit blurry on my old phone camera

Painting that is a couple years old
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Thanks for the lovely comments everyone! I might try belle&beast next since a few of you have suggested that. And possibley Marie since ive just got some new white pencils :)! (Youd be surprised how much you use a white pencil!) There will deffinately be more additions this week :)
These are absolutely glorious.

If you ever ventured out of the world of Disney, I would love to see you draw an animated version of Starlord.

If not Starlord, then Mr.Incredible!