Foods you hate that everyone else seems to love


this does not define you.
anything with avocado is gross. pickles are gross. also tomatoes are gross.
The pickle spear that comes on my plate is always up for grabs. And pickle chips.. just no.. pushed right off the side. Can’t have any of that pickle contamination.

Let’s get rid of mushrooms, olives, and avocados/guacamole while we’re at it.[emoji1365]

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*grabby hands* gimme gimme!!! I volunteer to take all of your unwanted pickles!!!

Just had guac on my chipotle burrito (yumm!!) but otherwise all mushrooms and olives should be immediately thrown away! Also raw tomatoes!!

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I think olive garden breadsticks are so bland but everybody loves them, also cupcake frosting... the cake is so much better :cloud9:
I love olive garden, but I know what you mean about the breadsticks. For it to have any flavor, you have to get one that's really coated in the garlic butter stuff! LOL
I'm not sure if this is really a food, because ur not suppose to swallow it, but gum. Its just this awkward rubber substance you put in your mouth, that loses its flavor almost immediately. It's like chewing on a piece of a balloon. In terms of food o_o I want it all!