Frenzy's Closeout Sale!

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I don't get on as much so selling everything for fair prices.
Will accept reasonable offers... or you can ask me for a price

**Discounts on bulk orders**

I'm sorry if it takes me a while to respond. It's hard for me to get on every day, but you can message me on discord for a quicker response!! frenzy#9886

1920's Duchess Feather headband
Acorn Hat
Agent P Fedora
Alien Mickey Ears
Anastasia Crown
Ant man head pal
Autumn Ponytail (hair)
Baseball Cap- Bailey
Baseball Cap- Pride
Baseball Cap Reversed- Breast Cancer Awareness
Beanie- Hamm
Bucket Hat Pastel Blue
Bucket Hat Pastel Purple
Bucket Hat Pastel Yellow
Bugs Life Antenna
Butterfly on Face
Candy Corn Cat Ears
Captain Hook Mask
Chief Bogo Hat
Cockatiel Bird Hat
Cowboy Brown Hat
Darth Vader Mask
Deep Sea Diver Helmet
Deer Antlers
Dr. Frankenollie Hat
Dumbo Ears
Dumbo Hat
Elf Hat w/night vision
Elliot Hat
Evil Queen Mask
Fairy Folk Hat Blue
Fairy Folk Hat Yellow
Fairy Folk Hat Green
Fall Leaf Crown
Figment Wings
Figaro Cat Ears
Finnick's Elephant Hat
Firework Quest Ears(animated) 50k
Fisherman's Cap Black
Flower Crown Rainbow
Frankenstein Bride Wig
Hades Mask
Halloweentown Sophie's Hat
Headband Blue
Headband Pink
Headband Red
Headband White
Heart Crown Pink
Heart Crown Red
Heartless Hat
Holiday Elf Blue Hat
Holiday Elf Green Hat
Holiday Hat Blue
Holiday Hat Red
Holiday Lights Headband
Holiday Wreath Headband
Horned King Hood
Jester Hat Purple
Jimmy Cricket Top Hat
Jingle Hat- Green
Jingle Hat- Red
Jolly Holiday Hat
Jolly Holiday Mary Poppins Hat
Jolly Roger Hat and Mask
KH Crown
Kevin Beanie
Kings Crown
Kitty Ears
Knit Headband
LGBT Gay Ears
Lady Ears Headband
Lilo's Flower Hat
Lucky Clover Bobbles
Lumpy Head Pet
Madam Mim Wings
Magician Blue Top Hat
Maleficent Beanie
Meeko Beanie
Mickey Bar Ears Headband
Mickey Christmas Hat
Mickey Ears- MNSSHP
Mickey Ears 60th Celebration
Mickey Ears Bat
Mickey Ears Baseball Cap
Mickey Ears Candy Corn
Mickey Ears Dark Purple
Mickey Ears Metallic Blue
Mickey Ears Metallic Orange
Mickey Ears Metallic Purple
Mickey Ears Paint the Night Charcoal
Mickey Ears Paint the Night Coral
Mickey Ears Pastel Green
Mickey Ears Pastel Purple
Mickey Ears Pastel Yellow
Mickey Ears Pumpkin

Mickey Ears Sora
Mickey Ears Traditional (black)
Mickey Ears Visor- Black
Mickey Ears Visor- Green
Mickey Ears Visor- Orange
Mickey Ears Visor- Pride
Mickey Waffles Ears Headband
Mike Wazowski Hat
Minnie Beanie Red
Minnie Ears Kairi
Minnie Ears Baseball Cap
Minnie Ears Candy Corn
Minnie Ears Classic
Minnie Ears Fuzzy
Minnie Ears Saint Patricks Day
Minnie Head Wrap
Minotaur Horns
Mission Space Helmet Black
Mistletoe Hair Clip
Moon Bobbles
Mummy Mask
Na'vi Headband
Nap Cap Blue
Neoshadow Beanie
Nick Wilde Hat
Oogie Beanie
Organization 13 Hood
Organization 13 Dark Hood
Oswald Ears
Pegasus Hat
Peggy Carter Hat
Pirate Bandana Red
Pirate Bandana Black
Pirate Scarf Black
Pinocchio Hat
Pleakley Beanie
Pluto cap
Poison Apple Head
Pooh Bear Beanie
Pride Bow
Pride Cape
Pride Duffy Beanie
Princess Atta Tiara
Princess Hat Black
Princess Hat Pink
Princess Kairi Wig
Pudge Hat
Puppy ears
Queen of Hearts Mask
Rocket Raccoon Hat
Reindeer Headband Black Nose
Royal Crown
Santa Hat (santa gift)
Sarge Helmet
Scar Mask
Sis Bunny ears
Snowflake Headband
Snowman Hat
Sorcerer Hat Candy Corn
Sorcerer Hat Pink
Sorcerer Mickey Beanie
Spider Gwen Mask
Spider Bow
Spiderman Mask
Squirt Baseball Cap
Star Bobbles
Stu's Carrot Cap
Sully Winter Beanie
Taffyta Muttonfudge Hat (strawberry)
Toucan Hat
Toy Story Bunny Hat
Tree Nymph King Crown
Tree Nymph King Crown w/ Moss
Twi'lek Hat Pink
Umbrella Hat
Unicorn Horn Blue
Unicorn Horn Purple
Ursula Mask
Ushanka Winter Hat Red
Watermelon Hair Bow
Wildnerness Explorer Hat
Woody Hat
Workout Sweatband (blue, pink, teal)

Autumn Scarf
Blustery Day Scarf
Pride Bow Tie
Captain Hook Hand
Chief Powhatan Cape
Chief Powhatan Staff
Civil War Sunglasses
Cyclops Visor
Dr. Facillier Voodoo Mask
Elliot Shoulder Pet
Evil Queen Cape
Flotsam and Jetsam Shoulder Pet
Holiday Green Scarf
Holiday Red Scarf
Hypno Goggles
Its Tough to be a Bug 3D Glasses
Jack Skeleton Mask
Jafar Cape
Morph Floating Buddy
Sally Stitches Face
Scarlet Witch Jacket
Sora Part Glasses
Star Glasses
Stitch Red Sunglasses
Sugar Plum Fairy Headpiece
Sunglasses- Valentines
Thor Cape
Tigger Scarf

1920's Duchess Top
1920's Thomas O'Malley Shirt
40s Anita Top
50s Roger Top
70s Button Up w/belt Blue
70s Button Up w/belt Orange
70s Button Up Blue
70s Button Up Orange
80's Retro Crop Top
80's Retro Shirt
Alice Bathing Suit Top
Anastasia Top
Anna Shirt (plaid)
Aquas Top
Ariel Shirt (crop top)
Aurora Shirt (off the shoulder)
Aurora Winter Top
Autumn Boys Jacket
Autumn Girl's Long Sleeve
Babydoll Dress Black
Belle Shirt
Black Widow Dress Top
Blizzard Beach Surf Shirt
Bo Peep Top
Bride Frankenstein Top
Button Up Pink
Captain Jack Sparrow's Black Vest
Carl Sweater
Casual Prince Shirt- Beast
Casual Prince Shirt- Eric
Cheerleader Blue Top
Christmas Suit Shirt
Christmas Suit Top
Cinderella Shirt
Cinderella Winter Top
Cowboy Shirt Black w/Vest
Cowboy Grey Shirt
Cowboy Red Shirt
Cropped Love Heart Hoodie- Lilac
Cruella de Vil Fur Coat
Cruella de Vil Top
Deadpool Top
Deep Sea Diving Jacket
Demitri Suit Top
Disco Night Top
Disney Travel T-Shirt Mint Green
Disney Travel T-Shirt Pale Yellow
Disney Travel T-Shirt Sky Blue
Disney Travel T-Shirt Blue (looks purple)
Dreams T-Shirt Black
Dreams T-Shirt Pink
Eeyore Top
Eilonwy Shirt
Elsa Shirt
Elsa Winter Top
Expedition Everest Jacket
Fairy Fawn Shirt
Fairy Silvermist Shirt
Fairy Terrence Shirt
Fairy Tinkerbell Forest Shirt
Fairy Vidia Shirt
Figment Shirt
Finding Dory T-Shirt
Gamora Top
Halloween Witch Dress Top
Halloweentown Sora Shirt
Hanukkah Crop Top
Hanukkah Long Sleeve T-Shirt
Haunted Mansion Black Jacket
Haunted Mansion Pink Jacket
Haunted Mansion White Jacket
Hawaiian Aloha Shirt
Heart T-Shirt
Holiday Elf Jacket Blue
Holiday Elf Jacket Green
Holiday Elf Jacket Purple
Holiday Elf Jacket Red
Hoodie Avengers Black
Hoodie Avengers Red
Hoodie- Penguin
Hoodie- Reindeer
Hoodie- Bunny
Hoodie- Chick
Jack Casual Top
Jack Crop Top
Jafar Top
Jasmine Shirt
Jessica Rabbit Dress Top
Jolly Holiday Jacket
Jolly Holiday Mary Poppins Top
Kairi KH2 Top
Kairi KH3 Top
Kairi Top
KH Crop Top
Lab Coat
Leia Top
Lilo's Dress Top
Loki Jacket
Magician Blue Top
Magician Girls Blue Top
Magician Red Top
Marie Sweater
Merida Top (plaid)
Mickey Sweater Blue
Mike Wazowski Shirt
Milo Thatch Tank Top
Mission Space Black Jacket
Mission Space Green Jacket
Moana Shirt (tank top)
Mr. Smee Red Shirt
Mrs. Claus Shirt
Mrs. Claus Shirt Long
Mulan Jacket
Mummy Top
Namine Top
Naveen's Royal Shirt
Nick Wilde Shirt w/Tie
Nutcracker Jacket
OUAT Genie Shirt
Organization 13 Top
Peggy Carter Top
Pinocchio Top
Pirate Jacket Boys
Pirate Top Girls
Pirate Top w/Vest Girls
Plaid Top
Pocahontas Shirt
Prince Edward Top
Princess Aurora Pink Bodice
Princess Black Bodice
Princess Kairi Top
Princess Bodice White
Pumpkin Tank
Rapunzel Sweater
Riku KH3 Top
Riku KH2 Top
Roger Rabbit Overall Top
Roo Crop Top
Sally Casual Top
Sally Crop Top
Santa Jacket
Sarge Shirt
Scarlet Witch Corset (new)
Scarlet Witch Jacket
Scarlet Witch Corset
Scarecrow Dress Top
Shamrock Sweater
Snow White Crop Top
Sora Prince Jacket
Sora Top
Sorcerer Top
Spider Gwen Top
Spiderman Top
Spiderweb Shirt Large
Spiderweb Shirt small
Spooky Mickey Shirt
Spooky Minnie Shirt
Sugar Plum Fairy Top
Sully Winter Sweater
Summer Flower Boy's Shirt
Summer Flower Girl's Shirt
Super Bowl Jersey (Rams)
Superhero Shirt Teal
Sweater xmas Lights
Sweater Little Green Man
T-Shirt Captain America
T-Shirt Deadpool
T-Shirt Dress Top
T-Shirt Arlo
T-Shirt Hatbox Ghost
T-Shirt King Louie
T-Shirt Floral
T-Shirt Tin Soldier
T-Shirt Dress Top Pink
Thor Chest Plate
Tiana Crop Top
Tree Nymph King Shirt
Tube Top- Pink
Valentines Day Sweater- Purple
Valentine's Day Sweater- Red
Valkyrie Shirt
Vanellope Top
Wilderness Explorer Shirt
Woody Shirt
White Rabbit Vest
Workout Tops (blue, pink, teal) boys/girls
Zenon Top

1920s Duchess Skirt
1920s Thomas O'Malley Pants
40s Anita Skirt
50s Roger Pants
Anastasia Dress Skirt
Aquas Skirt
Ariel's Pink Skirt
Aurora's Winter Skirt
Autumn Boys Pants
Autumn Girls Pants
Bell Bottoms Jeans
Bell Bottoms Orange
Belle's Yellow Skirt
Black Widow Skirt
Black Widow Pants
Blizzard Beach Shorts
Bo Peep Skirt
Bride Frankenstein Skirt
Captain Jack Sparrow Black Pants
Carl Pants
Cheerleader Blue Skirt
Christmas Suit Pants
Christmas Skirt
Cowboy Brown Pants
Cowboy Black Pants
Cruella De Vil Skirt
Deadpool Pants
Deep Sea Diving Pants
Demitri Suit Pants
Disco Night Bottoms (pink)
Eeyore Pants
Eiloney Skirt
Esmerelda Bathing Suit Bottoms
Fairy Fawn Pants
Fairy Terence Pants
Fairy Tinkerbell Forest Pants
Fairy Vidia Pants
Galaxy Leggings
Halloweentown Sora Pants
Hanukkah Skirt
Haunted Mansion Black Pants
Haunted Mansion Pink Pants
Haunted Mansion White Pants
Herbie Pants
High Wasted Skirt- Black
Jessica Rabbit Skirt
Jolly Holiday Mary Poppins Skirt
Jolly Holiday Pants
Kairi KH2 Skirt
Kairi KH3 Skirt
Kairi Skirt
Khaki Pants
Leia Skirt
Li Shang Skirt
Lilo Bathing Suit Bottom
Lilo's Dress Bottom
Loki Pants
Magician Pants (blue and Red)
Milo Thatch Pants
Minnie Valentines Dress Skirt
Mission Space Pants Green
Mission Space Pants Black
Mrs Claus Skirt Short
Mrs Claus Skirt Long
Mummy Pants
Namine Skirt
Nutcracker Pants
OUAT Genie Red Pants
Organization 13 Bottoms
Peggy Carter Skirt
Pinocchio Shorts
Pirate Elizabeth Swan Pants
Pirate Pants Boys
Pirate Pants Girls Purple
Pirate Pants Girls Red
Plaid Mini Skirt
Prince Edward Bottoms (red leggings)
Princess Black Skirt
Princess Kairi Skirt
Princess Jasmine Teal Pants
Riku KH3 Pants
Riku KH2 Pants
Roger Rabbit Pants
Roxas Pants
Santa Pants
Sarge Pants
Scarecrow Dress Skirt
Scarlet Witch Pants
Shamrock Leggings
Sis Bunny Skirt
Sora Bottoms
Sora Prince Pants
Sorcerer Skirt
Spider Gwen Pants
Spiderman Pants
Sugar Plum Fairy Skirt
Summer Flower Skirt
Superhero Green Pants
Superhero Orange Pants
Slacks- Pink
Tiana's Blue Skirt
Thor Pants
T-Shirt Dress Skirt
Tree Nymph King Pants
Tom Lucitor Pants
Valkyrie Pants
Wilderness Explorer Shorts
Woody Pants
Workout Leggings (blue, pink, green)
Zenon Skirt

Anastasia Shoes
Aquas Shoes
Autumn Boys Shoes
Autumn Girls Boots
Black Widow Dress Shoes
Black Widow Boots
Blue Flats
Bride Frankenstein Shoes
Bunny Slippers Blue
Bunny Slippers Purple
Cheerleader Pink Shoes
Crocs (original)
Crocs Pastel Blue
Crocs Pastel Pink
Crocs Pastel Purple
Crocs Pastel Yellow
Crocs Pride
Cruella De Vil Boots
Deadpool Shoes
Deep Sea Diving Boots
Elsa Winter Shoes Blue
Expedition Everest Boots
Fairy Fawn Flats (orange)
Fairy Vidia Flats (purple)
Flip Flops- Black
Green Flats
Haunted Mansion Black Shoes
Haunted Mansion Pink Shoes
Halloweentown Sora Shoes
Hela Shoes
Herbie Socks
Incredibles Retro Blue Shoes
Incredibles Tall Boots
Milo Thatch Shoes
Minnie Christmas Shoes
Mission Space Boots Black
Mission Space Boots Green
Mrs Claus Shoes
Mummy Shoes
Native American Boots
Okoye Shoes
Pirate Elizabeth Swann Boots
Pirate Girls Boots Brown
Pirate Girls Boots Black
Pirate Shoes Boys
Princess Black Slippers
Princess Kairi Shoes
Princess White Slippers
Roxas Shoes
Sarge Boots
Scarecrow Dress Shoes
Scarlet Witch Boots
Sora KH3 shoes
Spider Gwen Flats
Spiderman Shoes
Star Butterfly Shoes
Superhero Shoes
Thanos Shoes
Thor Boots
Valkyrie Shoes
Wilderness Explorer Boots
Woody Boots
Zenon Shoes

Alice Bathing Suit
Elena of Avalor Dress
Haunted Mansion Bride
Holiday PJ's Snowflake
Orange Bird Bathing Suit
Queen Minnie Bathing Suit
Scar Onesie
Slave Leia
Winter Set- Purple (Beanie and Jacket) 250k

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Hi! Do you mind if I buy the Sully Onesie top as well? Maybe 10k but I'm totally open to negotiation. Thanks so much <3
I can do that! :) I'll be on later today!

hi hi hm per plz? (=
Shoulder pet- 2k? Glasses 8k and Hoodie 10k? lmk if that works for you :) I'm open to offers as well!

Hi, Frenzy -- May I guy the Sorcerer Hat - Black, plz? I am trying to research value right now.
I can do 1k for this!

can I get mr smee shirt red & possibly tshirt hatbox ghost :dance:
Of course! I can do 3k for smee and 10k for hatbox?

hm for these plz
Do you have an offer for black cowboy I can't find a value to base it on. But I am thinking 5k for the shoes? lmk! :)

cowboy brown pants-
woody boots-
Hi! I am thinking:
taco hat- 5k
zero hat- 20k
cowboy pants- 5k
woody boots- 1k
I can do that! :) I'll be on later today!

Shoulder pet- 2k? Glasses 8k and Hoodie 10k? lmk if that works for you :) I'm open to offers as well!

I can do 1k for this!

Of course! I can do 3k for smee and 10k for hatbox?

Do you have an offer for black cowboy I can't find a value to base it on. But I am thinking 5k for the shoes? lmk! :)

Hi! I am thinking:
taco hat- 5k
zero hat- 20k
cowboy pants- 5k
woody boots- 1k
could i also get a price on kim possible shirt :) sry just saw that i will take :
zero hat- 20k
cowboy pants-5k
woody boots-1k
and kim depending on price lol let me know when your on!!


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hi how much for the carl sweateR?
Is 2k okay?

Thank you so much! I'll be on before, during, and after the ride a thon so I can meet you in FLC then if you're available. But if you can't meet then, just let me know when you are free and I'll make sure to get on then. Thanks so much <3
I'm hopping on now :)

Hm for Pocahontas dress, brandy’s crop top, and coconut bra? :)
Pocahontas- 20k?
Coconut bra- 5k
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