Gaia Online

i only ever use the forums
i had an argument with a 30-year old goth who thought that jokes about penile mutilation were just as common as jokes about sexual assault
also someone psychoanalyzed me based on my sigpic & they were p much 100 on point
haven't been on there for a while tho everyone intimidates me
I do :D hit me up on there :D Kowai Desu Nerd
I have, and sometimes maybe pop on for a little bit here and there. But I'm like NEVER on anymore.

You can add me if ya want.

Name's zombiebuttz, same as on here.
I still hop on Gaia Online, but with all the GAIA CASH EVERYWHERE, i kinda just fell out. It's funny because i found Gaia right after VMK closed, now i'm running right back. xD
I am xLilyxOfxThexNightx on there if anyone wants to friend me.
And i do ALOT of forum posting there. I <3 how their forums are setup.​