Genie's Holiday Wishes 2022 - Results


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That was a wild week of voting, huh?
This was sure a neck-to-neck race…
So neck-to-neck… the winner was decided within the last minute by y’all.
But as promised, here are the results of the Genie’s Holiday Wishes 2022 voting!

The Top 10 Placements:

1st: @MoonPrincess
2nd: @Megumin
3rd: @Verbatim
4th: @Sharks
5th/6th: @PrincessLunaLex
5th/6th: @bagel
7th: @Eris
8th/9th: @3milyy / 3mily
8th/9th: @Ieah
10th: @sydsquid / squidcicle

Placements 11-20:

11th: @BTdisney / Catgirl7
12th: @FlameLegend
13th/14th: @mccp2 / mccp
13th/14th: @Jambi
15th-19th: @GothGF
15th-19th: @Ebeth
15th-19th: @OlduvaiFossil
15th-19th: @xostephh / MoonlightDream
15th-19th: @Cloudyblue
20th: @goofy / goofyboutmickey

Now… Prizes…
Since y’all really made this such a great turnout, both voting-wise and submission-wise…
Genie has one ADDITIONAL wish for y’all this time around…

Prizes will consist of:
•Grand Prize/ First Place: Genie will recreate your outfit & you will receive an exclusive first-place pin
•Runner-up/Second Place: Genie will ALSO recreate your outfit & you will receive an exclusive runner-up pin
•Third Place: Genie will recreate ONE item, of her choice, from your submission as the contests consolation prize
•Top 10: All players who made it to the Top 10 (after voting and grand prize & runner-up included) will receive the grand prize-winning/first place outfit & a top 10 exclusive pin
•Top 20: All players who made it to the Top 20 (after voting and grand prize & runner-up included) will receive the runner-up/second place outfit
All players that participated: The third place created item as a consolation prize & a pin
Wild Card: Genie will be viewing the Top 20 submissions and picking an item she loves or feels inspired by. This item will be given to the guest for free. But… the item itself will be released as a special limited shop item.
Disclaimer: Top 20 wildcard prize will be released as an expensive shop item in celebration of the amazing submissions we received. The item will be no more than 100k, but more than your average release.

Hope you enjoyed our Top 20 this time around and congratulations once again to our winners! Can’t wait till we see your creations in-game!


Just as stated in the original contest post, all prizes will be distributed on a future date (we're aiming between January - March realistically, to give Genie ample time to create our winners' items, especially with the holidays coming up.)

All entries that followed our submission guidelines will be awarded the consolation prize. If you used any clip art, cut and paste, stole work, etc, your entry was disqualified.

Any submissions received will be kept on record and will be made available for the MyVMK design team to view and use. If your submission does not place, there is still an opportunity for a designer to recreate it in the future. If this occurs, you will receive a notification of this. Same with any Top 20 who did not make the cut.